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  • Version: 7.6
  • Publisher: www.discoxt.com
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  • Date: Oct 02, 2015
  • Price: EUR58.00
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Free Download Disco XT DJ 7.6

Disco XT DJ can help you to mix and play your music files. Play at parties with full control over your music. Automatic and manual mixing. With a touch of a button, you may put Disco XT DJ to automix mode so you can take a break when mixing at a party. Record mixes to audio file with one click. Play short audio clips and samples over your mix.
Features powerful automated mixing engine. Has a real-like interface for manual mixing. Includes EQs, effects and filters. Record mixes to WAVE audio files Supports microphone input and headphone listening. Fade editor. Seamless looping. Zoomable waveforms. Integrates seamleslly with Windows Media library. BPM detection. Play logs. Customizable keyboard controlling. Basic and advanced mixer option. Comes with several skin options. Supports MP3, WMA and WAVE audio files.

Integrates seamlessly with your media player
You may use all the songs and playlists you've already collected and compiled in your iTunes or Windows media library.

Unattended automix
With a touch of a button, you may put Disco XT DJ to automix mode. So if you want to take a break when mixing at a party, you can!

With automix, Disco XT can transition from one song to another in many ways. Enjoy use of different styles of fades. Disco XT DJ comes with 19 different fade types.

Disco XT DJ comes with a fade editor to create your own transitions. Use your own-created fades for as many times you like.

The interface of Disco XT DJ has been inspired by DJ hardware.

Disco XT DJ comes with a high quality effects suite.

Disco XT DJ has three wide EQs to boost your mix.
With reverb effect you can add more room to your mix.
Add extra touch to your mix with lowpass and highpass filters.
You can even create exciting new transitions.
Disco XT DJ adds limiter to your mix to prevent any clipping or distortion. Match your music with the sound system and environment using the 10-band equalizer. Comes with built-in presets for different types of music.

Last played
Shows up to 10 of the most recent songs just above your playlist.
Drag any of the songs back to the playlist for replay.
Disco XT also logs every song to a complete log list.
BPM detection
Disco XT DJ analyzes songs to discover tempo values.
Use the BPM (Beats per Minutes) values to ease your mixing and playlist creation.
Loop part of a track seamlessly.
Hit 'In' to set loop start and hit 'Out' to set loop end.

Keyboard control
Use almost any function of Disco XT DJ using your keyboard. Hit the key '2' to play the deck A.

Set the keyboard shortcuts to anything you like with the shortcut editor.

Listen with headphones
Listen to a song with your headphones without interfering with output to your speakers. Cue tracks without anyone else hearing while the music plays on! Supports USB and Firewire audio interfaces.

Record your mix
Disco XT DJ records to audio file at the press of a button. Record your songs and transitions to a continuous audio file. Share your with mix with your friends or burn it to CD or load to your portable player. Records to AAC on Mac and to WAVE on Windows.
Listen to your mix after recording it directly in Disco XT DJ. You may choose to add your recorded mix automatically to your iTunes library as well (Mac Only).

Song queues
Disco XT DJ shows queue playlists under both decks. Drag and drop upcoming songs to the queues for easy storage.
Hook your microphone to Disco XT DJ and speak over your mix. Give announcements or talk about upcoming songs. Features a talkover function to attenuate music playback while speaking.
Two mixers
Disco XT DJ comes equipped with two mixer designs. Advanced and basic. Change the mixer with a touch of a button.
Edit start and end points
Adjust start times and fading points for your entire playlist.
Customize list columns
See additional information for your songs. Disco XT supports 20 column type, like comment, grouping, rating and genre. Disco XT DJ allows to set different columns for your songlist and your playlist. Select the information that is shown in audio player displays.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR58.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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