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  • Date: Apr 13, 2013
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Dirt is an IRC proxy to add chat encryption to IRC clients. It is a multi-platform IRC proxy that adds FiSH-compatible chat encryption (including DH1080 key exchanges) to any IRC client. It can be used as a SOCKS proxy or as a simple bouncer. For security reasons, only localhost connections are allowed.

The installation on Windows should be pretty much straight-forward with the installer. Once it is installed and running, you need to decide if you're going to use it as a SOCKS proxy or as an IRC bouncer.

The most practical way is to configure it as a SOCKS proxy, because it means that you can just connect to an IRC server as usual and it will connect through Dirt automatically. However, not all IRC clients supports this.

Dirt always listens on (localhost), and there is no way to connect to it from a different machine. Even if you're on a LAN, you need to have a copy of Dirt running on each machine that will use it. This is to make sure that any text that is encrypted will never be sent as plain-text through any network and it is unlikely that this will change in future versions.

Dirt will listen on the following ports by default:
1. IRC bouncer: port 6666
2. SOCKS version 4: port 1088
3. SOCKS version 5: port 10588

Edit "dirt.ini" to change any of Dirt's settings. Use the "/dirt load" command to reload "dirt.ini" after making changes.

Work with mIRC: in mIRC, go to "Tools -> Options..." in the menu (or press Alt+O). Then go to the "Connect" category and select "Firewall".
There, use the following settings:
1. Firewall support: Server
2. Protocol: Socks4
3. Hostname:
4. Port: 1088
Leave the other text fields blank.

You can also do the same with this mIRC command: /firewall -m4-d on 1088

Now just make sure that Dirt is running when you connect to an IRC server, and you're done.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this irc client software.

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