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  • Date: Jul 02, 2010
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    IRC Client
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Free Download Diomedes IRC 0.2.0

Diomedes IRC is a light-weight IRC client made using Adobe AIR and AJAX. DCC and IRCext are not yet supported. A light weight open source IRC client made using Adobe AIR and AJAX. The Diomedes IRC application was designed to be a light weight open source IRC client made using Adobe AIR and AJAX.
Key shortcuts are case insensitive.

Diomedes IRC Commands:
1. /server: Connect to server. Ex: /server irc.netgamers.org:6667 (port optional)
2. /network: Connect to a network. First add a network and servers for the network. Ex: /network Freenode
3. /quit: Quit server. Leaves current windows open. Ex: /quit Leaving (quit message optional)
4. /close: Quit server and close all channels and server window. Ex: /close
5. /clear: Clears current channel. Ex: /clear
6. /part: Close current channel or PM. Ex: /part #someChannel quit message. (channel name and quit message optional)
7. /nick: Change nick. Ex: /nick John (changes nick to John)
8. /exit: Exits application immediately. There is no warning.
9. /help: Displays this help window.

Diomedes IRC also features up and down arrow history for the input bar and tab completion for nicks and channel names. The input bar needs to be focused for the key short cuts and page up and page down to work.
Diomedes supports most IRC commands such as /join /mode /topic etc. Most CTCP commands are supported. DCC, IRCOPS commands such as /kill and IRCX are not yet supported.

* Adobe AIR

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this irc client software.

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