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DietController Download
Free Download DietController 1.80

DietController features a multi purpose calendar view, powerful food and exercise logs and customizable charts and reports. Whether you want to lose weight, get healthy or just monitor what you eat, DietController enables you to effortlessly do all these and more.

Use DietController to take control of your own diet by knowing the facts about what you eat and the exercise you do. By using the program to log your daily food intake and exercise you can keep an accurate record of your calorie and nutrient intake. With this information you are in a position to control your own diet and exercise regime.
These help pages use images of DietController running on a Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) system and terminology related to the Mac system, in particular the Command (cmd) key has been used for keyboard shortcuts, these should be replaced on Windows with the Ctrl key.

1. The Calendar:
Use the Calendar to see at a glance how your week/month is going, Uses mini icons on each day to represent the data input on each day. Double click on a day to get taken straight to the food log screen for that day.

2. The Food Log:
With a fast food and category search, easily find the foods you've eaten. The food log works like a spreadsheet to make input as easy as possible, you can just start typing and DietController will start searching. Stores your favorite foods for you so you get to them even quicker next time.

3. The Exercise Log:
With the same interface as the food log screen, quick and easy entry of your days exercise. DietController will add up how many calories you have burned off and how many more you have each day.

4. The Measure Log:
Use this view to record and track your daily body measurements.

5. The Journal:
Keep a day-to-day journal of your diet. With full cut, copy and paste plus undo and redo, for easy editing.

6. Charts:
Graph your progress. Choose from a range of predefined charts or create your own, showing only the things you're interested in. The charts can display a huge range of different items, including calories, vitamins and minerals, weight or any of the measures over time, fat intake, calories burned off and many more. The charts can also be printed.

7. Reporting:
Create printable reports of your progress. Create your own personalized reports or use the predefined ones. Change the date range to show your progress over a time frame that is useful to you!

DietController Features:
1. Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux
2. Over 7000 foods, with more than 9000 portion sizes
3. Over 200 exercises
4. Super fast search as you type for foods and exerices
5. Quickly add new foods and exercises to the database
6. Add multiple portion sizes to foods for easy logging
7. Create new foods from lists of ingredients.
8. Cut, copy and paste food lines between days.
9. Drag and drop foods to/from the favorites finder
10. Create printed reports and charts
11. Direct spreadsheet entry of data, no slow dialogs or internet pages
12. Full undo and redo, if you make a mistake simply press the undo button to revert the change.
13. Customizable interface, change font, colors, nutrients shown etc
14. Find foods in multiple ways: by name, category, favorites or foods you've used before.
15. Backup and restore your data for safekeeping and to transfer from PC to PC.
16. Export data to text files (csv) for import into wordprocessor or spreadsheet.
17. Supports multiple users all sharing the same food database.

* Java

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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