DevastationZone Troopers

  • Version: 1.34
  • Publisher:
  • File Size: 25.06 MB
  • Date: Aug 28, 2006
  • Price: $19.95
  • License: Demo
    Free Trial 60 Minutes
  • Category:
    Action Games
DevastationZone Troopers Download
Free Download DevastationZone Troopers 1.34

Face more than 50 missions against the Rakkai Empire. Navigate dropship trough clouds of space junk and face hordes of hostile ground troops upon landing. Use modular assault rifle technology and choose weapons that tip the odds of survival in your favor. Upgrade your arsenal and buy power-ups on the black market. Use skill and firepower to destroy almost any object in your environment. Stop the construction of the Space Wrap Portal!

The license of this software is Demo,

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