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  • Date: May 16, 2008
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Looking to make changes to your desktop wallpaper instead of the same show every day. Have a fun time DeskSlide changing your wallpaper automatically with.

DeskSlide is a utility for automating the wallpaper change on your desktop. It replaces your boring desktop wallpaper, also called background image, automatically at intervals of your choice, with your beautiful digital images.

You can specify the wallpaper change interval in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weekly, monthly or when you log on - just to name a few. You can define complicated schedules as well.

Try using the photographs made by your digital camera as your desktop wallpaper. It wouldn't fit, would it? Windows does not scale down your image size for you. DeskSlide does not only scale-up or scale-down for you, it gives you different options.

You can rearrange the order of the slides, specifying the style or layout, or let DeskSlide automatically select this for you, depending on the image. Supported file types are BMP, GIF, JPEG, DIB, and PNG.

To install a DeskSlide end as soon as it started, will be presented with the configuration wizard. Window of the currently displayed photo is also automatically displayed simultaneously. I say dust and starting sound "Next".

This is where you DeskSlide added a folder of photos I want a list of photo libraries. "One minus one remove" to add a folder of "plus sign" I mean,.

Example of how you see the list here. After then, say the sound click the "Next", "Apply". (And if you wish subfolders can contain a very nice!).

Use your photo and you, DeskSlide Choose the layout style you want to decide what pictures and small. Given (Please notice that great given that the size of a small picture of what is to be classified!). Sound click "Next".

Please specify a preferred time between your changes to your wallpaper. Sound click "Next".
Formed to suit your personal style DeskSlide And now there. Click to get the configuration wizard sounds say "the end".

Management DeskSlide
When you exit the configuration wizard, a list of photos and current photos of the current Windows can see the display. Both can be accessed easily at any time in the window as shown here.

If you are looking for an easy way to add some variety to your desktop, then DeskSlide can provide a simple hassle-free way to change your wallpaper and brighten up your day.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this wallpaper tool software.

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