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Delimit is a tabular data file view and manipulation program written for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. A tabular data file is a text file organized in rows and columns, as in a table. Typically the file is divided into columns by a parsing rule. Delimit supports two types of parsing rules: delimiter type where columns are separated by characters such as tabs or commas, and fixed column width type where each column is of specific character length.

Delimit has a very fast parsing engine allowing very large tabular data files to be quickly opened and viewed. Unlike some other programs, Delimit is able to open files millions of rows or columns large. Data is read incrementally allowing files that are hundreds of MB's, even GB's, in size to be opened quickly. Delimit has a built-in file indexing feature that allows subsequent opening of files to be instantaneous. Its parsing engine is rule based and the rules are user configurable, allowing Delimit to automatically determine the right parsing rule to use for each file.

In addition to viewing, Delimit also supports searching, editing, converting, extracting, splitting up and joining of tabular data files. Files can be edited and saved, or saved-as another file. They can be converted from one delimitation type to another. Parts of a file, i.e. specific rows and/or columns, can be extracted and saved into another file too. You can also use expressions to define which rows to extract based on row content. Delimit can split-up large tabular data files into smaller parts each with equal number of rows or columns. And you can also join smaller tabular data files, vertically or horizontally, into one large file. Familiar features like cut-copy-paste and searching with find/find-next are also available, along with book-marking for quick access to any part of the file.

Delimit Features:
1. Open and edit huge data files, much larger than possible with Excel, up to 2 billion rows and 2 million columns!
2. Open huge data files much faster than in Excel; instantaneously after indexing, files 100's of MBs, even GBs, in size!
3. Easily split-up or join files on row or column boundaries, not binary ones.
4. Automatically parse files into columns with user configurable parsing rules.
5. Easily convert files from one delimiter (like CSV) to another (like TAB).
6. Easily extract rows using expressions based on row content.
7. Easily extract, repeat, reverse or reorder columns or ranges of columns.
8. Easily bookmark cells for fast access to key information anywhere in the file.
9. Easily search or count occurrences of items throughout the file.
10. Easily determine file dimensions as total number of rows and columns.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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