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  • Version: 7.8.1
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  • Date: Sep 04, 2010
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DeckLink Download
Free Download DeckLink 7.8.1

This software includes everything you need to set up your DeckLink card for any task in your facility. This software supports all models of DeckLink video capture cards.

The DeckLink software installer will install the following components for you:
1. Blackmagic DeckLink drivers
2. Blackmagic Media Express application
3. Blackmagic Control Panel
4. Blackmagic AVI and QuickTime codecs
5. Project presets for Adobe Premiere Pro
6. Blackmagic DirectShow SDK
7. Blackmagic Disk Speed Test
8. Blackmagic FrameLink
9. DeckLink Utility

If you have a DeckLink card, plug your card in before running the installer. When you restart after plugging in your DeckLink card, Windows may show the Found New Hardware wizard for a Multimedia Device Controller - cancel this wizard. Running the installer without a DeckLink card plugged in installs the Blackmagic codecs so that you can share video files with DeckLink users.

If you had a previous version of the DeckLink software installed, use the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel for Windows XP or use Programs and Features control panel in Windows Vista to remove it before installing this version, and restart.

Double click the DeckLink installer and follow the instructions that appear. See the DeckLink User Manual for more detailed instructions.

During the installation process, Windows might show three warning messages saying the driver has not been certified by Microsoft. In this case, select "Continue Anyway" so you complete installation of the software correctly.

After the main installation, (if you have a DeckLink card and are not just installing the codecs) Windows will show the Found New Hardware wizard for the DeckLink Display (Windows XP only) and DeckLink Audio Device. Select "install automatically" each time and the system will find the video desktop and audio drivers. Select "Continue Anyway" again if Windows shows the uncertified driver warning. You will then receive another dialog bubble saying "your new hardware is ready for use."

If you plug a DeckLink card in after installing the software or install more third-party software with which DeckLink integrates, use the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel to Repair the DeckLink software installation. Also use Repair if you move your card to a different slot - don't use the Found New Hardware wizard for "Multimedia Device Controller", only for "Blackmagic DeckLink Display", "DeckLink RS422 Serial Port" and "Blackmagic DeckLink Audio".

This 7.3.2 release adds support for closed captioning capture and playback with Final Cut Pro 7 on the Mac as well as general stability and performance improvements. Please read the included "Readme" for more information.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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