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Decifra is a chord and fingerings databank. Decifra is the Portuguese word for Decipher, and was originally developed as a chord and fingerings databank. In this function, it tries to be powerful, intelligent, didactic, friendly and flexible. For that, the program is shipped with an original catalogue (in two files) with 54 chord types and more than 2500 chord fingerings. However, what guarantees most of the abilities above is the conceptual structure of our program, which makes it possible to:
1. Observe the constitution of each chord type;
2. Include or exclude chord types;
3. Include or exclude chord fingerings;
4. Personalize the symbol of the chord types;
5. Modify form and order of presentation of chord types.

Decifra Features:
1. Chords and lyrics edition, visualization and printing
2. Ease of use, selective list of chord diagrams, transposition, chord sound, protection against typing mistakes (chord symbols), reliable chord positioning, flexible and rich presentation and printing, etc.
3. Importation of songs from other sources
4. Ordinary texts (lyrics with chord symbols) can be brought from other sources, including Internet pages, with automatic suggestion of the corresponding chord diagrams (on the guitar fretboard).
5. Chord dictionary and recognition:
6. With an open conception, our dictionary is didactic and learns from the user (new chord types and fingerings can be included). For increased flexibility, each chord type admits an optional symbol.

* Many functions are unavailable

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $30.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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