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  • Date: Nov 21, 2010
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DbXpert for Oracle Download
Free Download DbXpert for Oracle 9.1

dbXpert for Oracle is an easy to use database development and administration tool for Oracle database. It helps developers and database administrators get the job done quickly and efficiently.
1. SQL Workspace
2. Object Browser
3. PL/SQL Debugger
4. Reporting, Performance Dashboard, etc

dbXpert for Oracle provides an integrated environment to speed PL/SQL development and testing. It also provides an easy way to access the database objects. With the help of dbXpert's intuitive graphical user interface, developers can focus on coding quality application programs while DBA can be more interactive and productive when troubleshooting and administrating the Oracle database.
1. Multi-Tabbed SQL Editor
SQL Editor enables users to quickly test queries, view and edit data, and process SQL DML/DDL commands. It replaces the traditional command line query and script execution facility with a graphical user interface.

2. Multi-View Object Browser
With dbXpert's Objects Browser allows you to quickly view ad manage the data dictionary thought a simple multi-tabbed navigation list. Once you click on an individual objects, dbXpert will display its associated details that eliminates the tedious drill down of data dictionary views.

3. Intelligent Data Browser
The Intelligent Data Browser allows you to easily access your data in the database. You can easily retrieve data, filtering data or editing data with a fancy user interface.

4. Multi-Tabbed Procedure Builder
With its Syntax Highlighting, pop-up code selectors, error message window, object navigation tree, you can edit and compile your stored procedures, functions, packages in a powerful multi-tabbed window.

5. PL/SQL Debugger
The dbXpert PL/SQL debugger offers all features of debugging functions that allow developers to easily debug the PL/SQL program units. With the PL/SQL debugger, you can Step In, Step Over, Step Out, Run To Cursor, Set Breakpoints, View Variables, View Call Stack, and so on.

6. dbImport - Import Records from other data sources
dbImport allows developer or dba to import data from any ODBC data source into an Oracle table such as CSV, EXCEL, MS Access, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, etc.

7. Instance Performance
dbXpert for Oracle - Instance Performance provides generalized key performance indicators (KPI) for the instance to which you are connected. It provides a look at database resources, instance service time, recent activities, top session, session history, top sql and instance throughput.

8. Session Browser
DBA and Applicaiton Developer can use the Session Window to view the current activities of each user in the database. They can check the resource usage of individual user, statistics information, objects that being locked and even the current running SQL of each individual session.

9. Built-In HTML Reports
To run reports against your application data or against the Oracle dictionary, you can use dbXpert's built-in Report functions.

10. DBA Tools
dbXpert includes several tools to make everyday administration and development easier. You can recompile invalid objects, create database objects, drop database objects, export records of tables or view, monitor session activities, manage users, manage storage and so on.

11. Intelligent Color Theme
dbXpert comes with pre-configured color themes. It allows user to set different color themes based on the connection alias and login user name. It's very useful for DBA and developer when they need to work on multiple environments.

12. Easy Installation
Neither database object installation, nor any middle-ware required, only SQL*Net is required to pre-installed. The installation can be completed within 30 seconds, by just simple clicks.

13. Multi-Threaded Environment
You can run multiple windows concurrently. The IDE will not "hang" even if you make any error or your session is being locked.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $126.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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