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Datasnip Download
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Datasnip is a Serial to Keyboard redirection program. Datasnip is a simple Communication port to Keyboard buffer redirection program. Characters arriving at a Serial Communication port of a PC will be transferred to the keyboard buffer allowing data to be imported to any user application program that allows a keyboard input.
This function, generally known as a keyboard wedge, is useful in such applications as RFID scanning, importing scale data, and any other application that requires automated data entry.

Datasnip is free to use and distribute in an unmodified form. Certain advanced functions have been disabled and are available once a registration key is purchased.

The Datasnip Options selections allow users to process the data being redirected so that it better fulfills their requirements.

Append Enter key option.
Certain Serial characters such as carriage return have no direct keyboard equivalent. Datasnip will routinely strip the carriage return character from the incoming serial stream so as it is not transmitted to the keyboard. If the append Enter key option is selected Datasnip will insert the ENTER key keystroke in place of the Carriage return character. This function may be useful to provide a faster data entry process when the ENTER key is always required to be pressed after a string of characters is received.

Translate LF to Enter key option.
The Linefeed character is routinely stripped from the incoming serial stream by Datasnip. On occasions it is desirable to have the Linefeed character received to be translated into the ENTER key keystroke.
Select this option to allow Datasnip to send the ENTER key when ever a Linefeed character is encountered.

Start Datasnip when computer starts.
Select this option if you want Datasnip to automatically start when your computer restarts.

* Advanced Options cannot be changed

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $9.56, you can free download and get a free trial.

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