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  • Date: Oct 08, 2014
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DashboardPlus Download
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DashboardPlus is an application that adds to Excel the ability to create true executive dashboards, making it an affordable and a very flexible tool for generating appealing and dynamic managerial dashboards, without the need to have sophisticated BI systems in place. It is as far as we know, a quite unique application on the market

DashboardPlus is an Excel add-in intended to add true dashboard capabilities to Excel. It enables the user to create appealing and dynamic managerial dashboards completely integrated within Excel.

DashboardPlus Features:
1. Five types of special dashboard components (Live Activex and not pictures requiring refresh) , besides other Excel objects as charts and tables

2. Changes in the linked cells are immediately reflected in the dashboard without any refresh button

3. Unique feature: Dial and Angle Gauges KPI's may be standardized on a 1-10 scale

4. Very fast learning curve. No VBA or macros required

5. The Dial and Angle gauge may contain up to 5 colored and completely customizable sections on their scale

6. The shape indicator can be customized to change both color and visual structure, including blinking upon a change in the linked cell value

7. The Selector components (Knob and List) enable to filter the dashboard according to parameters as country, department, gender....

8. Each component may be easily resized and dragged on the dashboard

9. The dashboard console background and title are customizable

10. Dashboards can be linked to any external database or application that "speaks" with Excel

11. The format and parameters attached to the components are saved with the Excel file and available upon reopening it

12. The dashboard may be printed, copied to the clipboard, saved as an image or to an HTML file

13. Dashboards may be automatically saved (and refreshed continuously) to HTML files for posting on Web sites

14. Up to 5 different dashboards may be created on the same Excel file.

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The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.20, you can free download and get a free trial.

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