Dashboard Builder for Microsoft Access

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  • Date: Jun 04, 2010
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Dashboard Builder for Microsoft Access Download
Free Download Dashboard Builder for Microsoft Access 2.7

Create amazing MS Access Dashboards effortlessly, make Your Access Data Come to Life. Dashboard Builder eliminates the headaches and expense associated with ongoing data analysis in Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access is a powerful tool for recording and tracking data without being a professional developer. To gain full value from your database, however, you may be creating numerous Access queries, Access reports, or extracting your data to Microsoft Excel on a regular basis to analyze your data. Dashboard Builder eliminates the headaches and expense associated with ongoing data analysis in Microsoft Access.

Use Dashboard Builder to create informative dashboards that help you to make more solid business decisions. Visualize the key performance indicators most relevant to your business, and turn the information into action without spending time learning VB and complicated SQL.

1. Make More Informed Decisions:
Dashboard Builder offers many of the features you expect from an expensive, high end business intelligence tool, all directly within Access.
Create an unlimited number of business dashboards in minutes, then enjoy the ability to view numerous key performance indicators in a single place, drill down into the data, and make strategic decisions based on valuable data you have been accumulating in your database.

2. Save Time Analyzing Your Data
Use Dashboard Builder to help you spend more time analyzing your data, instead of spending large amounts of time on Access training, trial and error, or paying for expensive consultants. Dashboard Builder puts your valuable data at your fingertips quickly. Avoid exporting data repeatedly to Excel to create pivot charts, and begin analyzing your Access data in real-time.

3. Impress Users and Executives
Use Dashboard Builder to present your data in a professional, visually pleasing form that impresses users. Dashboard Builder allows you to represent your MS Access data visually instead of compiling Access query data to show the same summarized information.

Dashboard Builder for Microsoft Access provides visual insight into your MS Access database, at a fraction of the cost of other business intelligence tools. Better yet, you don't need to spend hours developing queries and coding Visual Basic, or exporting your data to Excel pivot charts to analyze your data.

Standard Features:
1. Create unlimited four-section dashboards with red/yellow/green dials
2. Easily set up metrics that count/sum/average values from your data, or display the maximum or minimum values
3. Define metrics for a specific date range (e.g., Today, This Week, Last Month, etc.) or an exact date range you specify
4. Create 'compound' metrics that calculate more than one other metric (for example, divide one metric by another)
5. Drilldown from data dashboards to your forms or automatically created queries based on the metric definition
6. Set up the red/yellow/green meters to use another metric as the threshold value
7. Automatically generate Outlook email message alerts when a specific metric threshold is exceeded
8. Add meters and metrics to your own forms (minimal VB required, examples are provided)
9. Customize the dashboards to include your own logo
10. Compatible with split databases (front- and back-end configuration)
11. Compatible with linked tables (Access, SQL Server, MySQL) and linked Excel files
12. Compatible with MDE and ACCDE formats
13. No additional installation required on a user's PC, no ActiveX dependencies, and no onerous deployment requirements
14. Full source code access
15. Incorporate into your own database, or run as a separate Access database application
16. Free access to OpenGate's Microsoft Access Consulting Network, a group of consulting professionals with experience deploying databases using OpenGate products
17. Lifetime product support (no annual fee)
18. Lifetime product updates (no annual fee)

Professional More Features:
1. Create unlimited graph/chart dashboards that display your data in real-time
2. Easy to understand graph definition screen that supports numerous graph types
3. Display graph data by day, week, month, quarter, or year
4. Four distinct graph sizes to embed in your own forms, include a sparkline graph
5. Attractive dashboard template that combines graphs and meters
6. Copy/paste graphs to any other Microsoft Office product (e.g., Power Point)
7. Free access to the OpenGate Library, a collection of advanced MS Access tools

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $99.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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