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  • Date: Oct 29, 2012
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DTAB - Drum Tab Editor Download
Free Download DTAB - Drum Tab Editor 1.03c

DTAB - Drum Tab Editor is a Drum TAB editor aimed at the fast and easy Importation, Play Back and of course creation of Drum Tab. Powerful Drum Tab editor with Tab Import, Midi Playback, Export & Printing.

DTAB isn't just a Drum TAB editor though, it's also a invaluable education tool, were user can create and fine tune their rhythms audibly. Imaging being able to hear how the placement of every note changes the feel of your drum part. This alone can be a lot of fun. Play Back has tempo controls, so you can work as slow or fast as you like. You can even have sections with different tempos and time signatures. Allowing you to explore the freedom of Drum Tab without ever having to manually write it.

DTAB is not just for drummers though, it's so intuitive that anybody can use it. You simply point and click to place notes. Many melodic instrument students (Guitar / Bass / Keyboard etc ) use it as a tuition & rhythmic aid, rather than buying a drum machine. Even song writers use DTAB to flesh out a drum parts quickly.

DTAB is developed by a Drummer for all Musicians ! If you have any comments, suggestions, bug reports, please contact us and we'll try and add your ideas to future releases.

DTAB Features:
1. Midi PLAYBACK (Bar, Section & Song Modes)
2. Import & Export TAB FiLES
3. Export to MIDI FiLES.
4. Triplets .
5. Printing (Dtab and TXT formats)
6. Full Print Previews
7. Easy navigation with Brand New Interface
8. Editing can be controlled with Mouse & or Keyboard
9. User definable MIDI Sound Sets
10. Multi Bar Edit Tab Window
11. Full Support for common TAB notations (Accents, Flams, Doubles & Ruffs)
12. User Definable Personal Settings
13. User Defined Time Signatures
14. User selectable Drum Kits configurations.
15. User definable Editing Keys.
16. Copy / Paste / Insert / Delete Bars / Bar Scrolling
17. Section Naming, Copying
18. Automated Export to Tab function, removes unused any lines, insert repeats, and formats your Tab based upon your personal preferences.
19. Bar Comments, Numbering, Section Naming
20. Quick Key Ref Documentation from within the program + Html Docs

To edit a Drum Tab is pretty simple, first you select the Drum Lines you want DTAB to use ( From the EDIT / KIT menu) By default DTAB will create drum lines that represent a pretty standard 5 piece drum kit. You can customize the drum lines any time, but you can only edit lines that are visible. Also it's worth noting that if a drum line (a sound) is not being used in the editor, DTAB will remove these drum lines when exporting your song into a standard TAB file. So you need not worry about turning them off manually. It's all automatic.

Once you have the drum lines you require, next you'll need to select the edit cursors note subdivision, i.e. 1/4 notes, 1/8th (default), 1/16th or 1/32nd notes. Then choose a time signature (4/4 is default) and then your ready to start editing.. One of the beauty's of DTAB is that you can play back your tab while your working on it. This is ideal for those users who might want to use DTAB for song transcriptions and may not be able to notate accurately what they hear.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $14.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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