DNS and DHCP Activity Monitor

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DNS and DHCP Activity Monitor Download
Free Download DNS and DHCP Activity Monitor 2.1.5

Simplify your DDI (DNS, DHCP & IPAM) infrastructure. tuscany networks DNS and DHCP Activity Monitor enables network administrators to gain visibility of core DDI services by efficiently collecting DNS and DHCP activity and presenting the information within an intuitive web-based user interface.

DNS and DHCP Activity Monitor has the capability to collect DNS and DHCP activity, using agent-based or agent-less methods, and upload this information via industry standard FTP/SFTP protocols into a third party SIEM product. This data can complement other network related information to help provide an audit trail of activity.
DNS and DHCP administrators can also use the collected data to report and analyze DNS and DHCP traffic via a simple web-based GUI, rather than having to gain access to a corporate-wide SIEM product administered by a different team.

DDAM utilizes a distributed collection architecture. All application data is concentrated and stored on a Master server, this is also referred to as the "DDAM Master" or "DDAM Master Server".
When backing up and restoring all DDAM application data, only the Master server need be considered.
Collectors, or DDAM collectors, are where DNS and DHCP data is collected. Data can be collected in a number of ways to support various DNS and DHCP implementations. The way in which data is collected is referred to as a collection method.

Each collection method specifies whether DNS or DHCP traffic is to be collected, and whether the collection is performed via packet capture or syslog messages.
Each collection method is associated with a node. A node represents a DNS and/or DHCP Server in DDAM and can have multiple collection methods attached (for instance, if a node is generating both DNS and DHCP traffic it will need to have two collection methods associated with it at a minimum). A collector can collect data for one or more nodes, for instance it may be processing syslog messages from several different DNS/DHCP servers.

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