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  • Date: Sep 19, 2010
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DNA-Crypt Download
Free Download DNA-Crypt 2.0

Encrypt your files fast and easy. DNA-Crypt is a program that offers the functionality to do so, but in a very special way - it encodes your files into DNA sequences. These sequences can be transfered to bacteria or other organisms without influencing them. You can use cryptographic keys, like RSA, AES or Blowfish, or, for maximum security, you can use a one time pad with DNA Crypt.

First you have to create a user account for DNA-Crypt. After doing so, you can log-in to the system. DNA-Crypt automaticly creates RSA, AES and a Blowfish key for every new user. The following screenshots show how you can easily load a file or type your own text in the file panel.
1. If you want, you can load a genome too.
2. Now you can encrypt your file or text.
3. The encoded DNA sequence can be found in the output panel
4. If you want to decrypt a file from a DNA sequence, just copy the sequence in the file panel and decrypt.

* Java

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file encryption software.

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