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  • Date: Mar 02, 2014
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    IRC Client
DMDirc Download
Free Download DMDirc 0.8

DMDirc is a cross platform IRC client written in Java. DMDirc is a cross platform IRC client written in java, and being developed by Chris MD87 Smith, Shane Dataforce Mc Cormack and Greg Greboid Holmes.

1. Free as in speech:
The DMDirc source code is available for anyone to download and modify
2. Free as in beer:
DMDirc doesnt and will never cost anything to download or use
3. Actions system:
Execute commands when certain events happen, without using a scripting language
4. Easily extendible:
Support for plugins, themes and packs of actions to easily extend and customise the client
5. Colourful chat:
Support for both mIRC and hex colours, as well as bold, italics and more
6. Intelligent behaviour:
Intelligent tab completion and link detection makes life easier

DMDirc can now support different parsers in addition to our previous IRC parser. This means better or alternative IRC parsers can be developed in the future, or we can develop parsers to interact with completely different systems. As a proof of concept, we've developed a Twitter parser which allows you to read your Twitter news feed and post status updates direct from DMDirc!

* Java Runtime

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this irc client software.

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