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  • Date: May 13, 2008
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This is a peer-to-peer communications system with video, audio, text chat and file transfer. If you have a microphone and a camera hooked up to your PC, DKMessenger works as a free videophone. If no microphone is available, the conversational aspect of the program can be accomplished through text-to-speech synthesis, which speaks the text of messages typed by your contacts. All this happens in real time and conversations occur as fast as you type. DKMessenger also supports application sharing. Also, on the whiteboard, just click the Board button and everyone can share images and text. Includes message font and formatting support.

DKMessenger text messaging is ideal for business or personal communications. Text-to-Speech (TTS) speaks the words that you type. You can even assign unique voices to each of your buddies!

DKMessenger Emoticons allow you to add personality to your messages. You can choose an emoticon from the list, or just type the emoticon code. It's that easy!

Need to get a message to all your buddies? Shout it! The Shout feature allows you to send a message to all connected buddies with one click.

DKMessenger offers a unique solution to real-time video. It is the only product that provides dynamic control of video quality. DKMessenger also supports multiple video input, so you can see everyone who is in the conversation.

DKMessenger provides full multi-user videoconferencing capabilities with concurrent audio and video streams to and from all users in the conference. Unlike Microsoft NetMeeting, the number of users that can participate is limited only by the network bandwidth. It works particularly well on internal LANs or high-speed corporate networks. DKMessenger also supports Full Screen Mode, which is ideal for one-on-one meetings.

DKMessenger offers an ideal low-bandwidth, high-quality Internet Phone solution. Voice quality is superior to that of telephones. With DKMessenger, you can make free voice calls all over the world to any other DKMessenger user.

Your Buddy List allows you to automatically connect to users on the list whenever they are online with DKMessenger. If you set your status to 'Available - Buddies Only', you will only be visible to your buddies.

Groups are used in DKMessenger to provide places where people of like interests can communicate. When you are in a group, you can see all the other users that are in that group in the user list. These users are available for messaging. Groups come in two flavors: Public Groups and Private Groups.

All users can enter or join any Public Group. Private Groups, however, have restricted access. Private Groups are created with a key. The key is a text string the user must enter to gain entry to the group. While any user can enter a Private Group, they must have the correct key. Private Groups are ideal for online meetings or other occasions where only selected users are allowed to participate.

DKMessenger File Transfer is quick and easy to use, Just click the 'Send File' button, choose the file you want to send, and off it goes to the currently active user. When you receive a file, it is automatically saved for you and DKMessenger will even open it for you if you wish.

File Sharing exposes a list of files that you want to make available to peers. Shared files can be easily retrieved from your online buddies by clicking the 'Get Files' button.

Application sharing is a feature unique to DKMessenger. This feature permits you to share the screen of any application running on your computer or the whole desktop. You can share a web page, PowerPoint presentation or Word document across the Internet! Application Sharing provides the flexibility to share with one or more users. You can also grant remote control of the program for internet collaboration.

The Whiteboard is an ideal tool for supplementing videoconference sessions. All users in a conference can view, edit and manipulate data on the Whiteboard. It works just like a whiteboard in a conference room. The Whiteboard promotes collaboration and sharing of ideas. It has a simple yet powerful toolset that lets you present ideas and concepts fully. The Whiteboard is ideal for sharing pictures, creating online presentations, brainstorming sessions, collaborative art, and distance learning.

DKMeeting is a separate application that lets you create virtual meetings. You start by entering a unique meeting code and creating a meeting. DKMeeting will then send you a confirmation email with the meeting code that you can forward on to others that need to join the meeting. Other users can enter the meeting code in DKMeeting and join in. It's that easy!

Before you start using DKMBE for communications, you need to setup groups and users for your organization. This is accomplished via the DKMessenger Administration website. After the initial groups and users have been established, you can then create communication networks within the system by creating associations among the users. You can also restrict or grant access to users for various functionalities of the system. Once you have setup the system with the website, you can begin using DKMessenger for business communications.

With DKMessenger Enterprise Edition, you get the DKMessenger Server, which you can host through your Internet Service Provider, or DKware can also host the server for you. With the server, you get unlimited user registrations, the ability to setup multiple companies within the system. The DKMessenger Server can support over 100,000 users.

The DKMessenger Proxy Server is included with the Enterprise Edition. The Proxy Server allows users to connect outside the corporate firewall, without having to put the network at risk. This is useful for external communications, such as technical support, telecommuting or virtual meetings.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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