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  • Version: 7.0.1
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  • Date: Nov 10, 2008
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Free Download DBSync for Access & MySQL 7.0.1

I am a database administrator. Sometimes I need to import records to existing database. But some records stored in database with various formats. It will be a heavy job entering these records by hand. Who can help me? God save me! Thank for DMSoft Technologies, the publisher of DBSync for Access & MySQL that enables us to convert database between different formats. Do you have the same troubles or requirements as me? DBSync for Access & MySQL can help you. Following is the detailed presentation of this great database formats converter.

DBSync for Access & MySQL is a reliable bi-directional database migration tool which allows us to synchronize and convert from: MS Access to MySQL; MS Access to MS Access; MySQL to MS Access. DBSync for Access & MySQL can import a MDB file directly into our mySQL server, and allows us to customize the import by selecting the fields and optionally changing field names and data types. The trial version allows for 10 full conversions. The key features and functions of this database migration and convert tool include:

High speed data conversion and performance - DBSync for Access & MySQL establishes a direct connection to source and destination databases. Thanks to improved quality of synchronization, data is transferred much faster and more accurate in comparison with lots of universal synchronizers which use ODBC or ADO. It is developed exactly for solving our problem with minimum effort and time!

Safe data conversion and database integrity ĘC Do not care about safety of our data. This converter will do it for us! DBSync for Access & MySQL supports all MySQL server and MS Access data types (including `BLOBS` and `OLE Object` packages). Primary keys, indexes and foreign keys (relations in MS Access) are supported in the best way.

Conditional data migration - Manage our database conversion with the help of integrated data filters. Define filtering conditions and retrieve only the specific data that we need for conversion. Due to our data filters we get more control on data migration process.

Update, Insert and Drop synchronization - Keep all our databases up-to-date. Insert synchronization is meant for new records adding from a source to a destination database. Update synchronization is meant for replacing of the altered records in destination database. Drop-synchronization allows us to delete records from destination database if these records were removed in source. Together they allow keeping distributed databases in agreement.

Database objects (tables, fields, indexes and foreign keys) remapping for synchronization - Synchronize databases with different structures easily! All database objects (fields, indexes and foreign keys) can be remapped on the customization stage.

Full UNICODE architecture support - DBSync for Access & MySQL is based on full Unicode architecture with multibyte character sets support. It is compatible with a lot of character sets (including Unicode utf-8) and associated standards.

Customize our data synchronization process and database copying totally - Synchronize databases with identical or even with different structures! All customizations are organized on the WYSIWYG principal. All objects (tables, fields, indexes, foreign keys) can be tuned up, i.e. renamed, remapped or excluded.

Savable sessions - Save our sessions and use them again if we do not want to loose time for configuring source, destination database and other customizations for conversion process.

Command line mode - Run DBSync for Access & MySQL as a part of our automate solution to activate it from a command line with saved session name as a parameter.

Effective scheduler - Automate running of our DBSync for Access & MySQL by using Data Conversions Scheduler! Convenient scheduler is available for all data converters, so we can run the program without user input after having scheduled it once.

User-friendly interface - User-friendly interface is the outcome of the combined efforts in the field of software usability plus Graphic User Interface design. Working with the converter is specially divided into several stages so the most complex issues of the conversion process are broken down into manageable parts. All documentation is provided with the software for our convenience.

Additional features include: Support for MS Access Work Groups; Ability to select ISAM, MYISAM, HEAP, InnoDB or BDB table types when copying data to MySQL; Primary keys and Indexes support; Foreign keys (relations) support; Ability to connect to MySQL database servers located on all Unix-like and Windows machines; Skins support; Multilanguage Support (English/French/Russian); One year free upgrades and much more.

In addition, DBSync for Access & MySQL provides a free trial for us. It is a standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. DBSync for Access & MySQL does not contain any adware or spyware. It works with Win2000/XP/2003/Vista and its current version is 5.2.1. The price of the registration version is only $69.00 and we can get update and upgrade free. With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability, low cost and free trial period - why are you still reading? Download the free trial now and experience how powerful and effective it is at once!

DBSync for Access & MySQL (formerly Access2MySQL Sync) enables you to convert Microsoft Access (MDB) databases to MySQL and vice versa. The program can import a MDB file directly into your mySQL server, and allows you to customize the import by selecting the fields and optionally changing field names and data types. The trial version allows for 10 full conversions.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $69.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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