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  • Date: Sep 14, 2020
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DAR is a command-line software aimed to backup and archiving large live filesystems. It is a filesystem independent and cross platform tool. But, Dar is not a boot loader, nor it is an operating system. It does not create nor format partitions, but it can restore a full filesystem into a larger or a shorter partition, from one partition to several ones, (or the opposite from several to one partition), from a filesystem type to another filesystem type (ext2/3/4 to reiserFS for example), it can save and restore hard-linked inodes (hard linked plain files, sockets, char/block devices or even hard linked symlinks), Solaris's Door files, it takes care of Posix Extended Attributes (Linux, MacOS, ...). It can also detect and restore sparse files, even when the underlying filesystem does not support them: it can restore a normal file with large portions of zeroed bytes as a sparse file on another filesystem that supports it, leading to a gain in space requirement for the restoration but also for the archive size.

DAR Features:
1. archiving / backup
2. compression and encryption
3. sliced archive in files of requested size
4. incremental / differential / decremental backup
5. hardlink / softlink / Extended Attributes

usage: dar [ -c | -x | -d | -t | -l | -C | -+ ] [<path>/]<basename> [options...]

Commands are:
-c creates an archive
-x extracts files from the archive
-d compares the archive with the existing filesystem
-t tests the archive integrity
-l lists the contents of the archive
-C isolates the catalogue from an archive
-+ merge two archives / create a sub archive
-h displays this help information
-V displays version information

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this data backup software.

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