Credit Card Knight

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  • Version: 1.4.0 Build 125
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  • Date: Oct 01, 2009
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    Password Manager
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Credit Card Knight Download
Free Download Credit Card Knight 1.4.0 Build 125

Credit Card Knight (formerly known as Secure Credit Card) is effective security software that scans your Internet Explorer autocomplete fields for credit card numbers and removes them. It eliminates your worry about Internet Explorer Security and using autocomplete that can expose your credit card numbers to theft. Using Credit Card Knight helps to prevent your credit card data from being stolen from your PC by carders.

Most Internet users are also on-line shoppers who pay by credit card and are concerned about credit card online security and identity theft. Every day brings more online customers, more online shops, and unfortunately, more cheaters who want to steal credit card information. Imagine! Your credit card is still in your wallet but it's stolen just the same!

Credit Card Knight prevents your credit card data from being stolen by carders. Most Internet Explorer users have autocomplete settings on.

When you are shopping on-line and filling an order form, Internet Explorer saves the data you have entered into a safe place (Windows Protected Storage).

Protected Storage, however, is not so safe and it is possible to read what it keeps. So your credut card data may be accessed by a violator. Credit Card Knight is a security utility scanning your autocomplete fields for credit card numbers and removing them if you need it.

Doing it Credit Card Knight helps you to prevent your credit card data from being stolen by thieves (carders) from your computer. Shop on-line safely.

Feature and benefits
1. Extremely easy to use - the program is implemented as a wizard
2. Discover all major credit cards numbers in autocomplete fields
3. No need to disable autocompletion - it erases only sensitive information
4. Displayed credit card numbers are masked with '#' - a good protection if someone runs this program on your computer to steal your credit card data.

Easy to use
Credit Card Knight is implemented by using the well-known wizards. Just follow the on-screen instructions and click the Next button until the finish.

Credit Card Knight works in Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP. It requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. If you use an older IE version you don't have the problem of autocomplete fields - they don't exist in older IE versions.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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