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  • Date: Nov 20, 2014
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Cover Version is a visualizer for iTunes. The plug-in displays the album cover artwork of the currently playing audio track. Lyrics of the track are displayed on top of the album cover artwork. Artist name and track title are displayed bottom-aligned.

Cover Version is available for Mac OS X and Windows. iTunes Version 5.0 (or greater) is required.

How to install:
Mac OS X: Put the file CoverVersion into the folder "Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins/" of your home directory.
Windows: Put the file CoverVersion.dll inside a directory called "Plug-Ins". This directory must be next to the iTunes.exe. If the directory does not exist it may be necessary to create it.

How to customize:
Options of the visualizer can be set by opening the configuration window at "View" > "Visualizer" > "Options...".
1. Cover: The album artwork can be animated as a flapping flag, as a rotating cuboid, as a kaleidoscope or with Vertigo effect.
2. Track: The font that displays track artist and title can be changed.
3. Lyrics: The text of the lyrics can be displayed centered or left-aligned. The color of the font that displays the lyrics can be adjusted.
4. Display: The screen resolution of full-screen display can be changed. Normally the visualizer tries to use the maximum available resolution. A lower resolution can be chosen explicitly in case the refresh rate of the maximum resolution is not satisfactory. The "Default" entry will let iTunes switch the display resolution to its default value for full-screen display. Note that iTunes may use a low resolution (640x480 or 800x600) when using its default full-screen resolution.

Please notice:
"Cover Version" does not fetch any audio meta data over the internet. Neither album cover artwork is fetched nor lyrics are added automatically.
"Cover Version" displays artwork and lyrics as they are embedded within the iTunes audio track.
You can check to see if the current audio track has embedded album cover artwork by clicking the button with the symbol . Lyrics can be edited with the information of the audio track.

"Cover Version" uses OpenGL for rendering the image data of the album artwork. The image data is accessed by calling iTunes' API for visual plug-ins. Due to a limitation of the API only one cover is accessible.
The track title is also rendered with OpenGL calls. The glyphs are Unicode-savvy. The font shape is generated with Windows and Mac OS system specific functions. The bitmap then is transferred into OpenGL texture memory.

Cover Flow:
With iTunes 7 Apple introduced a new way to browse audio collections called "Cover Flow". Since "Cover Flow" also uses advanced graphics systems and techniques, resource claims may conflict between the OpenGL based "Cover Version" visualizer and the built-in browse mode "Cover Flow". If the workload of the system gets too high, performance may improve when switching back to list view before turning on the visualizer.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this ipod software.

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