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Copybook Viewer can view the copybook in table form and optionally display the corresponding Easytrieve or SAS layout. In IBM mainframe environment, A dataset consists of records and each record consists of fields. The layout of record is defined by a COPYBOOK which defines each field with field name, field type and field length.
The CopybookViewer will display the copybook in table format which consists of, besides field name/field type/field length, the start and offset of each field. Optionally CSV, Easytrieve or SAS format are displayed.

Typically, a record layout starts with LEVEL NUMBER with record number one being the lowest number and represents the start of a record layout, each new field starts with a new level number; a level number greater than the previous one is the children of the previous level; a same level number is the sibling, so RECORD-A-LAYOUT and RECORD-B-LAYOUT are siblings and A-FILE-LAYOUT is their parent (in this case it is also the root of the copybook); RECORD-A-FIELD-1, RECORD-A-FIELD-2 and RECORD-A-FIELD-3 are the children of RECORD-A-LAYOUT.

* Only converts up to 20 fields

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $3.54, you can free download and get a free trial.

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