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CopyToy is a iPod Transfer Tool for iPod users that helps you copy music, video, podcast, playlists from iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad to PC and iTunes.

CopyToy Features:
1. Copy Music From iPod To PC
Easily Copy music from iPod to computer. It also copies music meta tag, including artist name, album name and cover art, as well as lyrics.

2. Copy Movies From iPod To PC
CopyToy copies movies from iPod to computer. Now with copytoy, you can share your movies and music videos easily.

3. Copy Photos From iPod To PC
CopyToy makes it quite easy to copy photos from iPod to computer. No matter what resolution it stored, CopyToy always get you the best quality images.

4. Copy Playlists From iPod To PC
CopyToy enables you to copy playlists from iPod to computer. It's really useful when you want to rebuild or merge your iTunes library based on your iPod.

5. Copy Podcasts From iPod To PC
CopyToy enables you to copy Podcasts from iPod to computer. The orginal Podcasts info, including the urls will also be copied along with the files.

6. Copy TV Shows From iPod To PC
The iPod screen is quite small, isn't it? Never mind, now with CopyToy, you can copy TV Shows from iPod to computer, and then you can enjoy your TV Shows on computer.

7. Copy Cameraroll From iPod To PC
iPhone is absolutely an awesome camera. It's gotta be a lot of funny memories out there. CopyToy enables to copy these meories to your computer and then share them with your family and friends.

8. Copy iTunesU From iPod To PC
iTunesU is really a good place to study at home. CopyToy enables you to copy iTunesU to your PC. So it's no need to download those Big vidoe files again and again anywhere.

9. Copy Music From iPod To iTunes
CopyToy enables you to copy music from iPod to iTunes directly. It saves you so much time re-burnning all your music CDs.

10. iPod Media Sharing
iPod Media Sharing made so easy with CopyToy. After coping all content from iPod to PC, you totally controls of your music library.

11. iPod Models Compatible
CopyToy works with all iPod products, including iPod, iPhone, iPad and iTouch. No matter what the iPod generation it is, CopyToy always works.

12. Free Upgrade
You will always get the latest updates of CopyToy, and all the updates are FREE for you. You don't need to do anything, CopyToy keeps updating automatically.

13. Latest iOS Supported
No matter what iOS your device uses, CopyToy always works on it, including the latest version of iOS.

14. Windows 7 Ready
Things change a lot on Windows 7. But however, CopyToy is carefully designed and it runs pretty well on Windows 7.

15. Windows 64bit Ready
64bit makes your computer more faster and reliabler. CopyToy is designed for both 32bit and 64 bit.

* iTunes

* Photos are copied along with watermark
* Each of the media files is partially copied

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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