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  • Date: Oct 04, 2010
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Free Download CopyTo Synchronizer 3.31

CopyTo Synchronizer synchronize and back up your files, offer a wide set of options for backing up, updating, and synchronizing files.
Use it to safely synchronize files between a desktop PC and a notebook PC, move files between the home and office with removable media, or update multiple computers on a network, with the multiple folder settings.
As you synchronize files, you can filter certain filenames and exclude specified folders using wildcards. You can display a preview window and check for disk space before you start the copying process.

CopyTo Synchronizer Features:
1. Easy to use intuitive user interface.
2. Specifies the priority class for the CopyTo process.
3. Customizes CopyTo functions on the context menu of Windows Explorer.
4. Supports multiple folders.
5. Include/Exclude filters which you specify (wildcards supported)
6. Excludes folders and files which you specify (wildcards supported)
7. Verifies each file on a byte by byte basis after copying.
8. Revisions : saves the existing file by renaming according to the following rules before replacing by the newer file.
9. Compresses all files within each folder into one archive using ZIP compression
10. Verifies the volume label of the drive before CopyTo starts.
11. Customizes the sounds for specific events, on Finished/Preview/Error/Confirmation.
12. Specifies the command line of the application you wish to launch before/after the project file runs.
13. Displays Warning dialog box about Not enough space on the disk.
14. Automatically Ignore FAT/NTFS time differences.
15. Supports adjusting difference of Daylight Saving Time. (Treats files exactly 1 hour apart as equal for daylight savings time)
16. Records details of the updating process to the log file (HTML Document).
17. Displays the Preview window before you start the updating process.
18. Supports Expand/Collapse on the Preview window.
19. Sets the copy direction of items on the Preview window.
20. Specifies the external applications which is invoked from the context menu on the Preview Window.
21. Compares two files with a binary comparison.
22. Copies items to clipboard, or save to a file.
23. Copies/Moves multiple files and folders to target location.
24. Deletes multiple files and folders.

Getting Started:
Step 1. Run "CopyTo Synchronizer"
Click the Start button, and then select Programs and point to the "CopyTo Synchronizer" folder. Click CopyTo Synchronizer.
When you select "Show 'Copy to ...' on the context menu" on [Main]-[General] Tab-[Advanced], choose "Copy to..." from the context menu on an Explorer window.

Step 2. Specify Operation Mode and Folders
Step 3. Modify Project Properties
Click [Properties] button on [Folders] Tab, select the options that you need. and then click OK.

Step 4. View Preview Window
Confirm the details of updating process displayed in the preview window.
If a mistake is detected, click Cancel and modify the folders and the options of the project properties again. Click "OK" button to update.

Step 5. Save Project File
Specify the project filename and the location where you want to store the project file on [Projects] Tab.
You can start synchronizing using the settings in the project file by double-clicking the project file.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file sync software.

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