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Network Configuration Management. Configuration Center is network configuration management software that allows controlling and maintaining changes of network devices configuration from any vendor supporting Telnet SSH and SNMP version 1/2/3 protocols. It provides backup configurations, monitor history changes, compare changes and restore configurations of network devices. The software overcome the need of using several vendor specific configuration tools in multi vendor devices environment and helps to control and reduce configuration errors in IT environments.

Configuration Center is real-time windows based network configuration management software for Telnet SSH and SNMP devices from any vendor.

Configuration Center helps to backup configurations, monitor history changes, compare changes and restore configurations of network devices.
1. Real-time Scan. Configuration Center scan network devices configuration in real-time and displays online configuration details for each scanned device.
2. Real-time Reports. Configuration Center displays real-time reports of network devices configuration including shell and various SNMP information details.
3. Real-time Actions. Configuration Center can perform specific action like executing windows command, sending e-mail or SNMP trap upon specific device configuration settings.
4. Real-time Export. Configuration Center can automatically export devices configuration details to a text file in specific folder location or to specific Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL ODBC database.

Real-time network monitoring
Switch Center monitors your network constantly without the need of any remote agents or special network considerations. It analyzes your network switches and nodes activity and keeps you aware of any change in your current network configuration and status.

Real-time network connectivity
Switch Center maps your network switches and nodes to their current physical location and keeps you updated about your network connectivity in realtime. Using the network hierarchy map you can find and trace your network entities and track their traffic and activity for maintaining the best network availability.

Configuration Center Workgroup Features:
1. Real-time network management and monitoring.
2. Nodes and users discovery including port location.
3. Reports and statistics including exporting capabilities.
4. Multi vendors network switch ports mapper and scanner.
5. Network mapping, topplogy and performance supporting graphical views.
6. Database exporting capability supporting SQL and HTML for online updating.
7. Central viewer supporting multiple levels of management access permissions.
8. Ten Giga switch ports scanning and monitoring.
9. Support SNMPv1/2 and SNMPv3 discovery.
10. Email and SNMP trap alerts forwarding.
11. Daily and weekly e-mail reports.

* 10 network devices

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $99.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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