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  • Date: Jun 14, 2010
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    Anti Spam Software
Complainterator Download
Free Download Complainterator 22.18

Complainterator aims at the removal of the revenue earning end of the spam, the web sites that do the selling or infecting. Automated complaint generator for spammed web sites.

Run Complainterator:
Click Yes to show that you accept the responsibilities. Click Yes again to save time and hide the message in the future. Paste in the link, and choose your speed and email provider. If you are unsure of what speed to use, use the default. If your email provider is not listed, choose Prompted/Unsupported.

* Firefox
* SeaMonkey
* Minefield
* Opera
* Internet Explorer
* Outlook
* Outlook Express
* Thunderbird

1. When you first download Complainterator, or you download a refresh, please remember to select your emailer in the first pop-up. Your selection will be retained from one run to the next. However, it will be cleared when you download a new version.
2. To make it easy to locate and launch the Complainterator, open the folder containing the program. Right mouse click on the little blue frog icon that represents the program. Select "Make Shortcut". Drag and drop the shortcut icon to your desktop or Task Bar so it can be launched more easily.

3. If you find a registrar not included in the existing contacts file of known registrars, report it in the support forum. Specify the name of the spammed site, and the contacts details will be included in future releases for you and everyone else.

4. Make sure that your preferred browser is open before launching Complainterator. It will tell you if it can't find one.

5. Make sure that your email program is open before you launch Complainterator. Otherwise it may not form the first complaint message correctly.

6. Check the contents of the message before sending. It does not make sense to request a registrar to remove their own name servers. So do a reasonability check on what you are requesting.

7. Add your own evidence under that heading. Useful resources can be found at the European Spam Wiki, and at the Site Advisor for the web site:{site name}

8. The "accelerator/decelerator" allows you to select a shorter or longer wait time, allowing the program to run faster on fast machines, or slower on slow machines. Experiment with different wait times to see what suits you best.

9. Register as a member at When you have an ID and password, login and check the "Remember me" option. Also, view your cookies, and delete any relating to

10. An alternative for looking up registrars exists. You can select "" to use in place of

11. If your email system is not available, you can prepare the report and have it stored in the Archive, by selecting "Suppress email". Copy/paste it later.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this anti spam software.

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