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Blu-Ray main movie and menu copier. TClown_BD will enable you to extract (on the fly) the Blu-ray main movie and language streams of your choice, resulting in either transport streams (for Media Jukebox), an ISO image (for PowerDVD) or even a burned BD disk (for standalone players). GUI for eac3to, tsmuxer and aften.

* Input - HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Structures, MPLS or single M2TS/TS/EVO/MKV files

1. Extract True-HD
2. Extract LPCM
3. Extract AC3 core (from True-HD) or DTS Core (From DTS-MA)
4. Convert audio to AC3/DTS (Optionally Choose bitrate)
5. Change language of audio/subtitle stream
6. Change order of audio/subtitle stream automatically based on preferences, and manual override

1. Extract Subtitles
2. Extract Blu-Ray Forced Subtitles
3. Convert HD-DVD Subtitles to Blu-Ray
4. Automatically Activate Forced Subtitles In Your Preferred Language

* Extract Chapters

Other Features
* AVCHD mode (FAT32 PS3 compatability)

Create ISO or Burn To Disc
1. Call to imgburn to create ISO
2. Burn directly with ImgBurn

Multilingual User Interface
1. German User Interface
2. French User Interface
3. Italian User Interface

Itll automatically select:
- all menus (theyre in BOLD & at the top) so you dont accidentally delselect them
- All streams over 60 mins (ie probably the main feature)
Exceptions: If the size of the stream exceeds 23.8gb then it will not be automatically selected, or if the cumulated size exceeds 23.8gb.
Now press the ImgBurn button which starts ImgBurn. Now you can save your ISO to wherever you need it. Mount the ISO with Virtual Clone Drive and test-drive with PowerDVD. If it works OK, then you can burn it. My PS3 doesnt care if you play extras and the file is not there. It just skips it.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this dvd copy software.

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