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Free Download ClickRepair 3.8.3 Build 45d

ClickRepair declick and decrackle your audio, a program for locating and repairing damage due to scratches, dust specks.

ClickRepair is an application for cleaning clicks and crackle from audio files produced by digitizing vinyl (LP) and shellac (78) records. This kind of intermittent noise is typically the result of damage due to scratches, dust specks, etc. It is important to understand the following points:
* It is impossible to distinguish music from damage, with absolute certainty.
* Repairing damage without a high degree of automation is very time consuming.
* Filtering the file with a "noise filter" degrades the musical content whilst merely reducing intermittent noise such as clicks and crackle.

ClickRepair is not a noise filter; it searches for, and repairs, localised damage. For records in reasonable condition, this means that 99.5% or more of the audio is unchanged. If the source material is an LP record in good condition, captured on good equipment, it is quite possible that the 99.5% sounds at least as good as, or even better than, a typical CD. The underlying philosophy of Click- Repair is to preserve that 99.5% and use it to find and replace the damage. It is indeed surprising how annoying and disturbing a sprinkling of clicks and dust specks can be to the listening experience.

ClickRepair works with mono or stereo sound files up to 32 bits at 96 kHz. This includes standard CD and DVD audio formats. It is designed to run automatically, although there are mechanisms for manual intervention. It is also possible to stop at Markers previously inserted by a suitable sound editor.

Important Warnings
While many users report excellent results using automatic processing with appropriate settings,
please note:
1. Automatic processing may not work well with some types of music.
2. If you find automatic settings which work well, you should save them with names that suggest the music type for which they were satisfactory.
3. Clicks may be detected and removed in manual mode, permitting ClickRepair to be used with difficult music types. Inevitably, this will be quite tedious.
4. Do not delete the original file until you are happy with the quality of the new file.
5. The Quick Start chapter is not a substitute for reading the manual - after you have made some initial experiments, please take the time to read it.
6. Before purchasing a license key, be sure to appraise the usefulness of ClickRepair for your particular needs. That is the purpose of the trial period!

ClickRepair is written in Java, and developed using "X-Code", an integrated development environment that ships with every copy of Mac OS X. The Windows installer is produced using "Inno Setup 5" by Jordan Russell. The manual is produced using Apple's "Pages" application, typeset in Garamond, and exported as PDF.

Microsoft stopped including Java with its operating systems some time ago, consequently there is a Windows installer which includes a Java run-time environment. This installer should also be used for an upgrade.

Installation: The installer CRinstall.exe is prepared using InnoSetup 5 by Jordan Russell. Shortcuts to the application and manual are installed in the Start->Programs system menu. I have tested it under Windows 98 SE, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It does not run under earlier Windows versions.

Java versions: For users who do not have a Java run-time installed on their computer, Sun's JRE (Java run-time environment) version 1.6 is bundled with the installer. The preferred option is not to use the bundled run-time. Re-run CRinstall.exe, if necessary, to remove any previous bundled Java run-time.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $40.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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