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  • Date: Jan 23, 2011
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CitationControl Download
Free Download CitationControl 1.07 Beta

Search Scopus articles with this tool. CitationControl aids article search from the excellent 'Scopus' website. Features keyword-based article search, tagging, reference/citation list views, queued pdf download and extraction, filtering and viewing keywords in their context within multiple articles.

CitationControl is written entirely in python. It uses pyqt4 for gui, and the pythonic packages mechanize and BeautifulSoup. Additionally, it uses pdftotext from the xpdf package for converting pdfs to text.

CitationControl Features:
1. Automatically indexes all article pdfs in your computer.
2. Opens any pdf file in your database immediately.
3. Displays only images in any article from your database.
4. Performs a search for keywords, author, journal, year range and obtains upto 200 results .
5. For any chosen article, obtain all the references and citations in separate tabs.
6. Allows queued pdf downloading for multiple articles from the search/references/citations followed by text extraction.
7. Provides an interface that shows keywords in their context within chosen articles.
8. Filter articles based on the presence of keywords within their full text.
9. Tag articles and save into personal database for future reference.
10. Select interesting articles throughout the session and copy for later use.
11. Works with direct or proxy connections.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this web search tool software.

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