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  • Date: Sep 04, 2012
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Free Download Checklist Software 5.761

Checklist Software helps you to easily manage your tasks and reminders. It will meet all your to-do management needs. It allows you to easily manage your check list of tasks. You can easily reorder tasks using drag and drop, color them by priority, create reminders, and more. Carry it on a USB thumb-drive, print/export, and more.

Easily manage and organize your check list. Prioritize and reorder the list, create reminders, many customization options.

Checklist Software Features:
1. Organize all your tasks in one place
2. Reorder tasks with mouse (drag and drop)
3. Prioritize tasks
4. Set reminders
5. Use colors - or don't
6. Create recurring tasks or reminders
7. Write notes
8. Attach files, links and emails to tasks
9. Print your to-do list
10. Export to HTML or CSV
11. Mobile: Carry it all on a USB thumbdrive
12. Cut, copy and paste tasks
13. Filter tasks based on any criteria
14. Sort the tasks (multi-column sort supported)
15. Add or edit multiple tasks at once
16. Customize priorities, task types and statuses
17. Choose only the columns you need: Priority, Type, Due Date, Start Date, Completion Date, Status, Percent Done, Assigned To, Context, Time Estimate, Time Spent, Creation Date, Changed Date, Task ID.
18. Customization options - extremely flexible
19. System-wide hotkey to show/hide program
20. System-wide hotkey to add a new task
21. Import CSV files (eg. from Excel or Outlook)
22. Can be set always on top
23. Easily clean old tasks
24. Undo/redo feature
25. Can be controlled entirely using keyboard
26. Edit tasks in-place, without having to open the Edit Task window
27. Recover deleted tasks from the task archive
28. And much more.

Checklist Software comes in 3 different editions: Ultra, Notes, and Basic. The Ultra edition has all the features. The Basic edition has all the basic functionality, but none of the advanced features available in the Notes and Ultra editions.

Notes Edition
1. Notes edition has everything the Basic edition has, plus notes and attachments
2. You can write rich-text notes for each of your tasks
3. The notes can be exported and printed, searched, etc
4. You can also attach files, emails, links, email addresses and folder shortcuts to tasks
5. You can embed file attachments and store them directly in your database

Ultra Edition
1. The Ultra has everything that Basic and Notes editions do, plus:
2. 20+ different columns to choose from, including Name, Priority, Due Date, Completion Date, Start Date, Time Estimate, Time Spent, Percent Done, Type, Context, Status and more.
3. Filters
4. Database encryption
5. Task emailing
6. Email reminders and email recurrence notifications
7. Time tracking

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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