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  • Date: Feb 26, 2010
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CharacterFX Download
Free Download CharacterFX 1.3.4

A 3D character animation tool. CharacterFX is a character animation tool, created for gamers, artists, modellers and hobbyists. It allows you to breathe live into your meshes using skeletal animation and advanced tools like Inverse Kinematics or Weighted Vertices, but still it is easy enough to use for all levels of computer graphic artists.

CharacterFX is especially usefull for game developers who need an affordable animation solution. It comes with exporters that allow you to easily get your animated characters into DarkBasic Professional or Blitz 3D, and a SDK is available allowing custom import and export filters.

1. skeletal animation with key frames
2. dope sheet editor that visualises key frames and allows you to drag keys around
3. easy to use forward and inverse kinemartics system - nearly no special setup required
4. weighted vertices for smooth skin bending

File Formats
1. imports WaveFront OBJ, MilkShape3D ASCII, Autodesk 3DS
2. exports WaveFront OBJ, MilkShape3D ASCII, Autodesk 3DS, Nebula N/N3D, DirectX X (v7 and v8), Quake2 MD2, BlitzBasic B3D
3. you can add you own with the SDK - see below

1. support for all the standard parallel and perspective projections
2. any number of viewports
3. OpenGL accelerated
4. fully customiseable

SDK and Plugins
1. integrated scripting language ( LUA ), giving you access to all scene objects at runtime
2. add support for your own file formats
3. extent the functionality of CharacterFX
4. automate CharacterFX

* configurable undo

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this animation software.

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