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  • Date: Jan 10, 2010
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Free Download Chandler for Windows 1.0.3

Chandler for Windows is a notebook you can organize, back up and share! An Integrated Approach to Managing Information. Chandler consists of a Chandler Desktop, Chandler Server and Chandler Hub Sharing Service. Chandler Preview manages Notes, Messages and Events. Chandler is not a full-fledged email application. However, you can send and receive items from other Chandler users as well as set up special Chandler IMAP folders to drag emails from your favorite email application into Chandler.

Chandler for Windows Basics Features:
1. CROSS-PLATFORM! Windows Mac OSX Linux
2. Import/Export Calendars and Tasks
3. Subscribe to webcal (.Mac) and ICAL (Google) calendars
4. Sync with CalDAV (Apple iCal 3.x, Lightning) calendars
5. Search
6. Secure your data with a Master Password

Basic Concepts
1. The basic unit of information is The Note
* Starred
* Added to the Calendar as Events
* Addressed and Sent to others via Email

2. Notes can be organized into Collections
* A Note can be added to multiple collections via drag and drop or copy and paste. Cut and paste allows you to move notes between collections.
* Collections have 3 views: All, Starred and a Calendar
* Calendars can be color-coded and overlayed

3 .Each Collection is divided by Triage Status into 3 sections: NOW LATER DONE
* Events are automatically triaged based on when they happen
* Events automatically move into NOW when they start
* You can also set custom Tickler Alarms to automatically move Notes to NOW

4. You can back up your data, access it from the web and share collections with others by signing up for a FREE Chandler Hub account.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this information management software.

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