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  • Version: 6.7.4069.23799
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  • Date: Mar 05, 2012
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    IRC Client
Chainsaw Download
Free Download Chainsaw 6.7.4069.23799

Chainsaw is a Windows IRC bot that runs on top of the .NET framework and is meant to administrate achannel or simply as a replacement to mirc.

1. Secure servers connections supported via SSL.
2. Ability to generate channel statistics using pisg.
3. IPv6 network protocol support.
4. Sample plugins that allows users to see the whois domain records and query the state of game servers for 105 supported games including Counter Strike, Quake 3 and Doom 3.
5. Web Service and remoting server to interact with the bot.
6. Commands that quickly retrieve news topics from severall sites using either RSS or Atom feeds.
7. AutoJoin channels list (channels that the bot should enter automatically after a connection to a server has been established) with message (optional) to the nicks that join those channels.
8. Protections against flood (ctcp, invite, notice, nick) and text (repeated, excess chars, bad words, bad nicks/idents, advertising and spam) on channels and private.
9. Include/exclude ops and voices of protections.
10. DCC Chat/Send support.
11. Users whith level bellow 0 are automatically kicked/banned as soon as the bot sees them.
12. Complete logging of all channels, privates with the bot and spamlog in severall formats: RTF, TXT, HTML, MS SQL Server, FireBird SQL Server, PostgreSQL Server and SQLite.
13. Execute VB.NET and C# functions through the commands !calc and !calcC#.
14. A.I. module (if alice mode is activated) so the bot can pretend to be human when someone talks with him.
15. IMDB command that allows searching the database.
16. Bash command that retrieves quotes.
17. Nickometer command which will tell you how 'lame' an IRC nick is.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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