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Centerprise Data Integrator is a new generation of data integration platform. Centerprise represents a new generation of data integration platform that helps you manage your most demanding integration tasks using a high-performance, unified, and easy to use environment.

Centerprise Data Integrator represents a new generation of data integration platform that helps you manage your most demanding integration tasks using a high-performance, unified, and easy to use environment.

Whether you are performing complex transformations on data received from business partners, integrating disparate applications, or managing a high-volume data warehouse, Centerprise brings the functionality, performance, and scalability you need at an attractive price point.

Centerprise Data Integrator Features:
Centerprise features a professional integration environment with extensive drag and drop functionality and powerful development and debugging features. Key IDE features include:
1. Intuitive, clutter-free user interface that is continuously refined to provide a natural flow and a familiar look and feel.
2. Drag and drop user interface with single click operations for creating data sources and destinations, auto mapping, and auto field creation.
3. Unlimited undo/redo, cut/copy/paste, and other features common in professional software products
4. Use of context menus to provide handy access to relevant commands and shortcuts
5. Team-friendly project structure featuring integration with version control to facilitate collaborative development

Data Transformation
1. Define complex data flows using the full complement of built-in field and record-level transformations. Built-in transformations include lookups, expressions, functions, join, sort, merge, union, normalize, denormalize, route, filter, and others.
2. Single click WYSIWYG data preview and quick profile features enable testing and debugging of dataflows.
3. Define subflows to create reusable transformations that can be used in other dataflows and subflows.
4. Database write strategies provide fine-grained control over database writes. Built-in strategies include diff processing, incremental update, slowly changing dimensions, and rule-based.
5. Add custom data sources, destinations, and transformations using the extensibility APIs.

Data Quality and Profiling
Centerprise integrates data integration, data quality, and profiling features in a single environment helping creation of data integration jobs with built-in profiling, quality measurement, and data cleansing. Profiling and data quality features include:
1. Data Quality mode provides the functionality to track record level errors and route or process records based on errors.
2. Validation Rules transformations can be used to validate data against business rules and add errors to individual records.
3. Data profile transformations provide aggregate statistics and record level error information.

Job Flow, Scheduling and Execution
1. Visual workflow designer that provides the functionality for defining task flows, branching, and dependencies. Built-in workflow tasks include FTP upload and download, file system actions, send mail, run programs, execute SQL scripts, and the ability to run dataflows and workflows.
2. Ability to restart jobs from the failure point.
3. Extensive parameterization features to facilitate deployment and reusability.
4. Built-in scheduler provides the ability to trigger jobs based on a specific schedule (hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly). Jobs can also be triggered using file drops and API calls.

Extensibility and Openness
1. .Net APIs to add custom functions, sources, destinations, and transformations
2. APIs to interact with a server for starting, monitoring, and cancelling jobs.
3. All system documents including dataflows, workflows, data models, and others are stored as standard XML

Performance and Scalability
1. High-performance parallel processing engine that takes full advantage of multicore and multiprocessor hardware to deliver superior performance and scalability
2. Server performance scales virtually in direct proportion to processing power available. Doubling the number of CPUs or cores usually results in doubling the throughput.
3. Native bulk load support for popular databases is designed to efficiently process very high data volumes

A dataflow allows for extra flexibility over standard transfer jobs, which are normally limited to a single source and a single destination. Using a dataflow, you can mix and match any number of sources and destinations on a single visual dataflow diagram, and specify various data processing rules as the data moves down the path.

A workflow enables automated and repeated execution of a sequence of tasks, such as running a program, sending email, uploading a file, running a transfer setting or batch, executing some SQL code, and many others. The tasks run according to some predefined path and following the custom logic that controls in what circumstances specific paths should be activated. You can add any number of tasks on a single visual workflow diagram, as well as specify what should happen at each step depending on whether the task completed successfully, or returned an error. You can also route the workflow one way or another by using Boolean conditions that are suitable for your scenario. You can even start another workflow, or a dataflow, to run within your main workflow.

Connecting to Databases
Centerprise Data Integrator integrates multiple databases into a single user interface. With this application, you can interact with various types of databases simultaneously. The application is designed to make it easy for you to configure and access your data.

Working with Queries
The Query and Transfer features in Centerprise Data Integrator constitute the bulk of the application. The application offers you the ability to switch between multiple databases while working with queries, from a single user interface.

* .NET Framework 4.0

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