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  • Date: Sep 07, 2012
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    Internet Phone
CapiCall Download
Free Download CapiCall 5.13

CapiCall is an ISDN-based information and voicemail application with touch-tone controlled menus.
The user can create own information menus quite easily. It also allows voice to mail (creating e-mails with WAV attachments) and GSM SMS notifications when new voice mails are stored.

CapiCall Features:
1. Answering machine and voice mailbox for up to 40,000 users, allows notification by SMS or phone call, user-programmable wake-up calls e.g. for hotels.
2. Creating complex DTMF menu systems is childs play with CapiCall. Beginning with a root voice message, follow-up actions can be defined easily.
3. Transfer calls automatically or DTMF-controlled to any local or external number, optionally depending on the weekday or time of day. If the destination cannot be reached, other numbers can be tried in sequence automatically.
4. Information menus e.g. for special events or sale offers. Record the files using a telephone or a PC. Callers can navigate freely in your menu using DTMF/touch-tone keys.
5. Fax callback: CapiCall can be combined with CapiFax. The caller can enter his own fax number and will receive further information as a fax page directly to his fax machine - just a few minutes later.
6. Call-through:
7. If you have a home-zone tariff option for your cellphone, dial your CapiCall PC first and enter the destination as DTMF keystrokes. CapiCall will connect you within a few seconds and for a much better price.

* Will accept calls for two hours after each software restart and deletes voice mails when it is restarted

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR83.19, you can free download and get a free trial.

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