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Canvas can create and enhance technical illustrations and enjoy unrivaled workflow integration. It speeds up and streamlines your technical illustration workflow. Professionals in high tech, complex environments that require accurate and powerful visualization of technical data rely on Canvas to facilitate collaboration and improve productivity.

For professionals who work with technical illustrations and graphics, Canvas provides fully integrated tools to help you create, enhance, and share stunning visual creations.

Experience Canvas, the preferred solution for technical illustration in precision industries such as; aerospace and automotive, biotechnology and healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, oil, gas and energy, and technology.

1. Precision technical illustration without limits
As the preferred choice of technical illustrators in precision industries, Canvas 12 comes with all the powerful vector object illustration and advanced raster image editing tools you need, in one integrated, flexible design environment.

2. Handle it all
Import existing graphics from over a hundred different standard and specialized formats, including DXF, DWG, CGM, Adobe PDF, Scientific Imaging filters, and RAW picture files from leading camera manufacturers.

3. Work flexibly with vector objects
Illustrate, edit and augment all forms of complex visual objects with Canvas 12's wide variety of professional tools and powerful Sprite technology.

4. Access raster image editing tools
Why work within limits? Canvas 12 comes complete with a full suite of raster image editing features. Create, edit and augment raster images, including GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PICT, BMP and EPS, with a host of industry standard and specialized techniques, tools and filters.

5. Draw and dimension with precision
Create visuals from both raw and technical data. Choose from a variety of methods to input your exact coordinates, and Canvas 12, with its ability to represent any object property to within .035 microns, accurately turns your data into strong, real-time visual content that you can then enhance, review and publish.

6. Add on-the-fly illustration objects
Instantly add re-usable dynamic objects to drawings or as the basis for symbol pen strokes and inks. Access thousands of commonly used and specialized technical symbols from Canvas 12's pre-loaded Symbol Library collection, or create your own custom symbols using any vector object.

7. Handle text with ease
Add professionally formatted and fully editable text to vector objects and raster images. Create multi-page text documents and technical publications using a full range of traditional text formatting and style tools.

8. Make the most of your data
In specialized workflows that require high level format support and sophisticated methods of data acquisition, visualization and analysis, Canvas 12 has the crucial ability to accurately measure, edit, and export digital images that contain up to 32 bits per channel of data.

9. Engineer to perfection
Canvas 12 fully integrates with complex engineering work environments. Engineers working in the space, aircraft manufacturing, defense, utility, and petroleum industries rely on Canvas' unmatched set of major workflow features, including 3D View and CGM support, CAD-inspired dimensioning tools, and its overall precision and accuracy.

10. Publish professionally
Create impressive publications and presentations, in collaboration with colleagues. Canvas 12 has everything needed to design professional documents and presentations, including the Symbol Library and pre-installed Canvas symbol sets, top quality raster image rendering, robust page and text formatting, flowchart integration, and pre-press tools. Apply password and encryption protection, and share in a variety of print and Web-ready presentation formats, including HTML and Adobe PDF complete with interactive hyperlinks.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $599.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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