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  • Date: Feb 15, 2010
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The best way to perform live. Play VSTs, trigger media clips, instantly switch between songs, integrate with your existing hardware, control it all via MIDI and simply perform better.

1. Plugins and Racks
In Cantabile plugins are connected in racks. Cantabile supports unlimited racks, unlimited plugins, flexible routing, wet/dry mixing, plugin layering and super efficient audio engine.

2. Media Players
Cantabile supports multiple simultaneous media players that can be triggered either individually or together using either MIDI controllers, MIDI notes or on-screen controls.

3. Fully Automatic Recording
Cantabile supports automatic and manual recording of audio and MIDI. Auto record modes detect audio or MIDI activity and automatically start the appropriate recorder.

4. Set lists
Define a set of songs and quickly jump between them. Set lists can be loaded either directly using Cantabile's user-interface or remotely by MIDI controller assignments.

5. Sub-sessions
Sub-sessions are one of the most powerful new features in Cantabile and provide a way to save named states within a session file making super fast song switching possible.

6. Per-rack Keyboard Splits
For simple mapping of keyboard ranges, each rack supports sub-session controllable keyboard split range and transpose setting.

7. MIDI filters
MIDI Filters manipulate MIDI events and can be used for applying velocity curves, mapping controllers to different channels, keyboard splits, transposing notes, controlling VST parameters and much more.

8. MIDI Controller Assignments
Controller assignments allow control over Cantabile from an external MIDI devices. Map an knobs to mix levels, buttons to transport controls, control VST parameters remotely and more.

9. MIDI Routing Table
The MIDI routing table allows routing particular incoming MIDI events to specific racks, or external hardware devices. Makes integration with your existing rig easy.

10. Triggers
Triggers are a way to execute actions when certain events occur. Primarily they're intended as a way of sending MIDI configuration events to external devices.

11. Multi-channel Audio
Stereo, surround sound, auxillary channels and more. Cantabile supports both standard and multi-channel audio formats.

12. Offline Rendering
Cantabile's offline renderer allows rendering an to an output audio file by processing an input MIDI or audio file through a set of plugins.

13. Morph and Randomize Tools
Cantabile's morph and randomize tools can be used to create interesting new sounds and effects by either randomizing a plugin's settings, or gradually changing the settings from one preset to another.

14. Program Organiser
Easy preset management and sharing - Cantabile's program organiser and shared preset bank simplifies the task of managing a plugin's preset bank.

15. Metronome
Keeping you, your plugins, media files and other devices in sync. The metronome is used not just for generating timing sounds, but also for synchronisation and providing timing information to plugins.

16. Multi-core CPU support
Get the most from your PC's processing capabilities. Cantabile will automatically leverage the extra processing power of multi-core and multi-processor computers.

17. x64 support
All editions of Cantabile are available in both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) editions. Built in support for jBridge makes hosting 32-bit plugins in 64-bit Cantabile transparent.

18. Partial Sends
Partial sends are intended to be used with effect racks and allow peeling of a percentage of the output audio signal from one rack and sending it to another.

19. MIDI clock sync
Cantabile supports both sending and receiving MIDI clock - either sync Cantabile to other devices, or have Cantabile act as the master time base for other devices.

20. 64-bit Audio
64-bit audio provides higher accuracy audio processing and prevents lose of quality when using a large number of plugins in series.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $139, you can free download and get a free trial.

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