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  • Date: Apr 28, 2011
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Canon Utilities RemoteCapture Download
Free Download Canon Utilities RemoteCapture

Canon Utilities RemoteCapture is a handy tool for capturing snapshots with your camera connected to the PC. All you need to do is connect the device to your PC and then start shooting the photos.
1. When the [Release] button in the Shooting window is clicked, images can be captured with the camera and automatically downloaded to the computer. The images are automatically saved into a specified folder.
2. On cameras that support it, images can also be captured and automatically downloaded to the computer when the camera's shutter button is pressed.
3. Note:
4. Refer to the RemoteCapture [Readme] file for the list of camera models that support this feature.
5. Images saved onto the computer can be viewed at full size using the Viewer. The image properties information and a histogram showing the distribution of brightness data is also displayed.
6. Comments can be added to images.
7. Saved images can be rotated.
8. Rotation setting can be preset before shooting so that images saved to disk are displayed with the desired orientation.
9. Saved images can be deleted.
10. An index print with all the image thumbnails can be printed.
11. Images can be captured at set intervals of time using the interval timer shooting function.
12. An image can be captured after a specified period of time using the timer shooting function.
13. The camera settings can be displayed.
14. RemoteCapture can be started from Canon Utilities ZoomBrowser EX and the saved images can be automatically registered in ZoomBrowser EX.

Precautions when Connecting to the Camera
1. RemoteCapture can be connected to a Canon camera which has a remote control function.
2. RemoteCapture cannot be connected by RS 232C. Also, for a Canon camera without a remote control function, the following message will appear when you try to connect, and the operation will be halted:
"This camera does not support a remote control function. Disconnecting camera."

Procedures for Connecting to the Camera
1. Connect the Canon camera to the computer.
2. Start RemoteCapture.
3. Select [Connect] in the Save window. If the Communication Settings dialog displays, select the model name of the connected camera and click the [OK] button.
4. After the connection is established, the Shooting window will automatically display.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this digital photo software.

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