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  • Version: 3.58.5
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  • Date: Feb 06, 2017
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CW Decoder Download
Free Download CW Decoder 3.58.5

CW Decoder enable users to transmit and decode Morse code messages.

1. Decode Morse code from a radio
2. 5 to 50 wpm
3. Scrollable text window, save to a file: Variable text display sizes, upper/lower case
4. Variable character spacing
5. Variable speed selection, helps in reducing noise
6. Spectrum display, waterfall display, timeline display
7. Variable noise thresholds, noise blanking threshold
8. Automatic frequency control (AFC)

Transmit Morse code, keyboard input
1. 5 to 50 wpm
2. Key the transmitter via computer serial (com) port
3. Synchronize to receive speed
4. 10 memories, store/recall
5. Download from a text file
6. Various transmit modes
* Interactive (immediate)
* Block transfer (send typed screen)
7. Functions keys perform transmit functions

Keep hands on the keyboard, mouse free transmit/receive operation

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this calculator software.

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