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Bios Identification Utility. CTBIOS he returns information from the BIOS, including and PCI BIOS and multi-BIOS. It also seeks for so-called BIOS ID string (Award, Ami), and indicates if known, board manufacturers (OEMs) and chipset. CTBIOS also looks to whether the BIOS Advanced
INT-13-provides commands.
ctbios Parameters:
/ pw password, for Aweard and AMI BIOSes and some Pheonix-BIOS.
/ W [= xxxx] Writes BIOS (expanded from shadow RAM F0000h-FFFFFh) to file (64K)
xxxx = filename (default: BIOS.DAT)
/ WX [= xxxx] Writes BIOS (expanded from shadow RAM E0000h-FFFFFh) to file (128K)
xxxx = filename (default: BIOS.DAT)
/ R [= xxxx] BIOS reads data from file xxxx (Default BIOS.DAT)
/ D with DMI indicator
/ E with ESCD screen (do not go to the DOS box of Windows or EMM386)
/ DE both
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