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  • Date: Aug 27, 2010
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You can create a good looking customised menus in no time. The menu uses the Windows Shell Commands allowing you to perform actions including the ability to open, edit or print files. Autorun menu on USB keys, DVDs or CDs. Creating autorun files for USB keys or CDs and DVDs to make things run when you open them is a pain. Then you need a menu to suit your companys image, you could find a program or make an HTA but it takes time. I realised it would be handy if I could have images as buttons, or change the menu name, change the images and configure the items or even an unlimited number by introducing the ability to move previous and next. I also wanted to make it easier for them to change it without requiring a developer.

When you completed the setup wizard a number of files were created:
* app.jpg is the image displayed above the menu (and above).
* app.ico is the icon for the removable drive in Windows Explorer.
* autorun.inf is the autorun file for removable drives or CDs/DVDs.
* config.ini is the application configuration file for the menu items and title.
* instructions.htm is this file with instructions.
* Instructions.jpg is a sample menu button.

The default image sizes are:
* app.ico 16 colors(4 bits) 64x64 Pixels
* app.jpg 624x207 Pixels
* Instructions.jpg (button) 137x33 Pixels

You can change them as much as you like to configure your menu and the program will use your modified files. Only config.ini, autorun.inf and app.jpg are required for the menu. The other files will only be created when a new config.ini is created. Images will display best if the image size is not changed. You can use a white background to make the image appear smaller.

Running the Setup Wizard.
The setup wizard runs at first launch. You can access it again to update your menu by right clicking with your mouse on the main picture on the menu screen or by using the command line.

Command Line Options: LaunchMe.exe -? -setup

Updating Menu Items Manually in config.ini

An unlimited number of menu buttons can be configured by editing the Config.ini file which is create in the application directory. If you accidentally corrupt your config file, change it incorrectly or want to reset the program simply delete it and any other generated files you want replaced and it will reset on next launch.

While you can add an unlimited number of menu items I can only show 10, so if you have more than 10 some Next and Previous buttons will appear to allow you to scroll through the menu.

Applications are added to config.ini in the following format:
[Button Name], [Button Label], [File or Folder name], [Action]

Actions for Files can be 'open', 'edit'. or 'print', Folders can 'open' or 'explore' (e.g. Folder name '.' is for the current folder and '..' for one up and '\' for root of current drive).
Any files launched are opened using the default application on the machine.
Adding Images to Buttons
For each button the application will look for a JPEG image with the same name and display it if found.
For example if the button title is 'WebSite' then the image must be called 'WebSite.jpg'.

Using Microsoft Office Powerpoint Slideshows
To make a Powerpoint slideshow play immediately instead of opening in edit mode save it as a PowerPoint Show or make the change indicated below.
* Office 2003 or earlier: Rename *.ppt files to *.pps
* Office 2007 or later: Rename *.pptx files to *.ppsx

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this dvd/cd autorun software.

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