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  • Date: Jun 20, 2007
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CD PORTAL Download
Free Download CD PORTAL 3.3

CD Portal makes it easy to create autorun menues for CD Roms. The program comes with lots of features including executing programs and different types of files, inbuild slideshow and mp3 player.

CD PORTAL is designed to create a special autorun program, which should be included on the CD ROM's you are designing.
CD PORTAL will generate all the needed files and help you to design your CD's in a proper and professional way.
The autorun program will create a special welcome-window, from which you can execute other programs and functions on your CD's.
Using CD PORTAL will make CD's start automatically when the CD is inserted to the CD ROM drive.
It's fun and very easy to manipulate the program to comply with your needs, and using the built-in test button will instantly give you the possibility to judge your settings.
CD PORTAL is mostly intended for users capable of making their own CD ROM's or in need of distributing programs, data etc by CD ROM's.

A little notice to this help: You may find the images inappropriate to your own computer because the CD PORTAL program project has been performed on a computer with danish settings.

The CD PORTAL program package contains of more elements.
When burning your CD Rom you should copy all the files included in the project directory such as 'Autorun.exe' and 'Autorun.inf' and the subdirectory 'reg' including files as 'CDP3.cdp', the image file 'MustBeIn.jpg' and the file for mp3 playing 'mpegdll.dll'.
CD Portal v 3 Program helps you design your autorun project by allowing you to add different options to you autorun program and the program helps you to keep up with the placement of different files.

The file Autorun.exe is the real program to be executed and has to be placed on your finished CD.
This program works with information stored in the CDP3.cdp file, but contains additional information like the in built slide show and mp3 player.
If the Autorun-program is executed without accessing the proper data, the program will give you an error message and after clicking "OK" you will see a grey window and some useless text.
Notice: The program always will be saved as autorun.exe in the project directory regardless the name you type in the save dialog.

CDP3.cdp is a data file that contains all the information regarding the entries made in the settings program (i.e. information on language, color, font type and size, placement of files etc.).
In order to execute the program autorun.exe, the files CDP3.cdp and Autorun.exe must be placed in appropriate folders.
When saving your project the program automatically creates a subdirectory 'reg' in the project folder where the CDP3.cdp file is saved.
This directory also contains other resource files (such as icon, image and wave files) used by the executing program.

The file autorun.inf has to be located in the root directory of the CD ROM in order for Windows autorun feature to work. This file contains information regarding the program to be executed, as well as programming text used to special items (Such as: run program or open text file) in the Context menu in Windows Explorer.
These items are useful if your user has disabled the CD autorun feature.

CD Icon
You can associate an icon to your CD ROM, that's to say a tiny picture as a symbol of your CD ROM shown in the Windows Explorer, when the CD is present in the CD drive.
You can find a number of special programs intended to design entirely new icons or to show or edit many icons already present in several files on your computer.
If you search for 'free icons' on the Internet you'll find lots of icons suitable for almost every purpose.
The name of your icon and its relative placement in the finished CD ROM will be written to the 'Autorun.inf' file.

The CD Portal program
The main task of the settings program is to get hold of all the different entries, that you want to use in your final executing autorun, inclusive
- The text and icon in your project's title bar
- Your project's screen type and size
- Button click sound or midi file for playing
- The background color and images
- Buttons and text
- Which programs, texts etc. you want to execute
- Font sizes, font colors, font names and placement on your screen
The settings program offers the possibility to try out instantly your current settings, i.e. making it possible to change your settings easily and compare the differences.
Finally the settings program helps you to design your entire CD ROM assuring that your resource files ends up in the right place!

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this dvd/cd autorun software.

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