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BootSave Download
Free Download BootSave 2.9 Build 9520

BootSave protect you in case you accidentally damage your hard disk master boot sector. BOOTCHK checks if any damage has been done.

In the master boot sector is stored the code that gets your machine going when you first power it on, the partition table of how big your various partitions are, and in some cases it contains information about disk geometry (heads, cyls etc).

Protects against damage to the partition table or boot sector done by rogue programs, viruses or accidents with tools like Norton NU. This version does NOT save the boot sectors for each partition, ust the master boot sector.

The most important thing to remember about BOOTSAVE is that you must recreate your BOOT.SAV file any time you change you hard disk, or change your partitions. Never restore a BOOT.SAV file if you have failed to do this. To be safe, redo your BOOT.SAV any time you change your CMOS. In theory this should only be necessary if you change the disk settings.

You may accidentally clobber your boot track of your C: hard disk which contains the MBR (Master Boot Record -- the code that is used to start your computer, and the master partition table which describes the position and sizes of your four main hard disk partition). If you have done a BootSave, you can have it back in minutes. Otherwise you will lose the entire contents of your hard disk.

You may accidentally fool around with FDISK and wreck your paritions. BootRest can put the partition table back the way it was. This may rescue your data.

A buggy program might accedintaly overwrite your boot sector. A virus might infect your boot sector. BootRest will get rid of it. Windows might destroy your multi-boot to other operating systems such as Linux. Bootsave will easily restore it.

Please Note: For BOOTsave/BOOTrest, you need real DOS, e.g. booting from a DOS floppy, not just the DOS command prompt.

BootRest A:\Boot.Sav
You will then have to reboot before the corrected parameters take effect.

* DOS system boot disk for recovery

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this boot cd software.

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