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  • Date: Sep 29, 2010
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    Bookmark Manager
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Keep bookmarks, and related files together, in one place, but also take full advantage of the natural familiarity of your desktop folder structure to manage, and quickly locate saved bookmarks. -No longer struggle with maintaining bookmarks seperately from the rest of its related files.

Tired of cumbersome browser based favorites/bookmarks organizers? Then, look no further! Save web links (bookmarks) directly to your local system's folders instead of grappling with your web browser's favorites manager. Open bookmarks directly from your system folders just like any other file instead of first having to go through your web browser's favorites manager ... Maintain bookmarks without being tied to a specific web browser.

1. Launch saved bookmarks with any web browser.
2. Bookmark web pages for offline reading, and conveniently save notes about the bookmark to text files.
3. Built-in bookmarks, and notes explorer that conveniently filters out all file types except for saved bookmarks, and notes, and offers full text search capability for saved bookmarks, and notes.
4. Save text selections from web pages to text files, and edit with any standard rich text editor.
5. Smart, highly functional, yet low-profile interface with full drag-and-drop support, and for browsers that don't support drag-and-drop, provides inituitive, menus based, and CTRL-C key based copy options.
6. Copy, and distribute bookmarks even to systems that dont have the software installed.

Feature Detail:
1. Innovative "Drop Tray" Technology. Our software feature's a unique "Always-On-Top" drop tray technology that lets you effortlessly, and without obstruction, drag-and-drop web links from any part of the web page, including your web browser's address bar. Because our drop tray employs an "Always-On-Top" technology, you NEVER loose sight of the tray, and always have direct access to it no matter what.

2. Store Both Web, and Non-Web Resources Together. The ability to save bookmarks to your local folders means no longer having to access different locations (one for bookmarked web links, and another for non-web files) to collate related information.

3. Seamless Web Page Offlining (Saving). You can save either the link to a web page, or download the entire page to your local folder, in either case you follow the same process with no special steps needed for offlining, or for viewing saved pages. *As an added convenience, offlined web pages are also embedded with a link to the original page so that you can always go back to the live page if it still exists.

4. Use your Default Web Browser Setting. Because bookmarks are stored to your local file system independent of any particular web browser's bookmark file format. Your bookmarks will launch with whatever preferred web browser you have chosen as your default setting.

5. Fully Searchable Bookmarks. The software's Bookmark Explorer comes with a full text search facility that lets you quickly locate saved bookmarks. At the time of saving the bookmark, our software indexes the contents of the bookmarked web page for searching.

6. Save Text Snippets From Web Pages. If you dont' want to save the page's entire text, our software lets you save snippets of text from the web page, or any other document that lets you select and copy text ... simply select the text that you want to save and drag it to the software's bookmark drop tray.

7. For documents that are not drag-and-drop enabled, you can still copy a text selection using CTRL-C and then click a SPECIAL notification button on the the drop tray that will start Flashing as soon as you copy the text.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $9.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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