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    Protocol Analyzer
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Today, there are many capture boxes what can sniff and store many packets from the network to be data sources of evidence, troubleshooting and/or reporting. But to read the information from the stored network data exactly and communicate with the team base on the data is extremely difficult even looking into packets and protocols.
Different people has different experiences and knowledge, the communication cost is very high for both daily works and emergency cases. When time is going on, more and more trace files include sensitive data cause more problems for management and security concerns.
Business Need

* Packet Analysis feature now embedded into Windows
Now context menu in the explorer shows you a quick view about the traffic and the property sheet become knowledgeable with Packet decode and graphs.
Graph enhanced Excel Report for WireShark/Sniffer Trace Files
With one step, your packet trace file is now become a powerful Excel xls/xlsx spreadsheet with comprehensive protocol analysis, PivotTable and graphs support. Let's think and communicate with Excel.
Wireshark Protocol Dissector library (EPAN) is now supported for exporting Packets analysis result into Excel files.
* Packet is a communication and collaboration way
Today most communications are through Emails and Instant messages, by employing BoneLight, Outlook 2007 can dive deep into Packets. Work together with SharePoint/Exchange Server for your team for a next level communication technology.
Convert/Split trace file format among multiple capture sources
Together with Wireshark/Ethereal/Tcpdump winpcap/libpcap format, BoneLight has the Sniffer Cap, WildPackets pkt, Network Instruments bfr files (Ethernet format) , Microsoft Monitor file and Endace ERF support are built-in. View and convert among those formats at ease.

Business Need:
* Ensure the exact opinions and ideas can be exchanged among the team for the problems, cases with network traffic evidence
* Minimize learning curve to focus on business needs other than kind of software tricks
* Increase productivity of the team and save time wasted on unnecessary items
* Manage the captured packets (Trace file) in safe, in efficiency

BoneLight Features
PacketBone offers BoneLight for you and your team to increase the communication level base on the network fact, trace files. BoneLight helps you and the team ensure knowledge into packet, protocol and flow graphs in an innovative way.

Key Features & Benefits

Bring Trace file into a comprehensive Excel view
Convert trace file to Microsoft Excel enhanced in-depth view with PivotTable and PivotGraph enabled xls/xlsx workbook. Wireshark Dissector is supported.
Embedded into Microsoft Windows
In any modern Windows system, you get a property-sheet packet miner embedded into Explorer. Especially on Vista, there is trace file previewer enabled in the explorer directly.
Trace file as attachment can be seen directly in Outlook 2007
Trace File Previewer for email attachment is now available.
Manage file-in-ease and security-in-hand by Exchange server and SharePoint
Employing the Outlook trace file previewer facility, now there is a way to combine the Active Directory security scheme and trace file security management together without compromise to reduce the flexibility and easy to use approach at the same time.
Drag-n-Drop support for easy export
No complicated filter operations any more. By selecting protocol, IP or Mac address and drag-n-drop, job is done.
Application knowledge for your network
Not only provides decodes like HTTP, FTP, SSL, SMB(File Sharing), MSRPC, Kerberos(Active Directory), CDP, HSRP, OSPF, SMTP, POP3 (Email) and many more for a human understandable description, BoneLight also has the ability to support non-standard deployed application which can be defined by IP and/or Port combination
Convert trace file formats from many capture sources.
* Libpcap/winpcap Ethernet pcap (Wireshark/Ethereal/TCPDump)
* NetScout/Sniffer/NetXray cap file
* Microsoft Network Monitor cap file
* WildPackets OmniPeek/Etherpeek/AiroPeek pkt file
* Network Instruments bfr file
* (Some) Firewall/device generated modified pcap format
* Endace ERF trace file from Dag Ethernet, GE, 10GE, POS OC 3/12/48
* Trace files from Juniper DX, Cisco Guard, Snort/SourceFire, some nortel and nokia devices can also be supported by BoneLight.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this protocol analyzer software.

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