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  • Version: 2.6.8
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  • Date: May 20, 2015
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Bochs for Windows Download
Free Download Bochs for Windows 2.6.8

Bochs for Windows is a PC emulator to help you with your work. It includes emulation of the Intel x86 CPU, common I/O devices, and a custom BIOS. Currently, Bochs can be compiled to emulate a 386, 486, Pentium/PentiumII/PentiumIII/Pentium4 or x86-64 CPU including optional MMX, SSEx and 3DNow! instructions.

Bochs is an easy to use, portable x86 PC emulation application designed to emulate enough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS.

Bochs is capable of running most Operating Systems inside the emulation including Linux, DOS, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000/XP or Windows Vista.

To do anything interesting in the simulated machine, Bochs needs to interact with the operating system on the host platform (the host OS). When you press a key in the Bochs display window, a key event goes into the device model for the keyboard. When the simulated machine needs to read from the simulated hard disk, Bochs reads from a disk image file on the host machine. When the simulated machine sends a network packet to the local network, Bochs uses the host platform's network card to send the packet out into the real world.

These interactions between Bochs and the host operating system can be complicated, and in some cases they are host platform specific. Sending a network packet in FreeBSD requires different code than sending the packet in Windows XP, for example. For this reason, certain features are supported on some host platforms and not others. On GNU/Linux, Bochs can simulate a network card that communicates with the world, but on BeOS the simulated network card may not work because the communication code between the device model and the BeOS operating system has not been written.

Bochs has many possible uses, and different people use it for different things. Many people use it to run applications in a second operating system without needing two different computers or dual-booting. Running Windows software on a non-x86 workstation or on an x86 Unix box are common uses. Also, because every hardware instruction and every line of simulator code is accessible, Bochs is used extensively for debugging new operating systems.

Bochs Features:
1. configure script
2. 386,486,Pentium Emulation
3. P6 and later CPU Emulation
4. Pentium 4 Emulation (Incomplete)
5. x86-64 Extensions Emulation
6. Command Line Debugger
7. GUI Debugger
8. Floating Point
9. Enhanced BIOS
10. VGA
11. VBE (VESA) Support
12. Cirrus Logic video card
13. Floppy disk
14. Multiple ATA channels
15. Hard disk
16. CD-ROM
17. Keyboard
18. Mouse
19. Sound Blaster
20. Network card
21. Parallel Port
22. Serial Port
23. Gameport
24. PCI
25. USB (incomplete)
26. Plugins
27. PIC
28. CMOS functions
29. Dynamic Translation/Virtualization (No)
30. Simulate a Multiprocessor
31. Take advantage of your SMP box (No)
32. Copy and Paste

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this system utility software.

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