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  • Date: Oct 31, 2016
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BizAgi Process Modeler Download
Free Download BizAgi Process Modeler 3.1

BizAgi Process Modeler is easy to use process modeler on the Market. With the "intelisense behavior" and its unique look and feel you can diagram processes faster and without waiting for any validation routine.

BizAgi Process Modeler software makes modeling, executing and improving business processes easy for everyone. No matter if you are a small organization or a big corporation, with BizAgi you will be able to turn your processes into real business benefits.

Expand the Power of your Processes. The BizAgi Process Modeler enables you to present the processes in a standard format of worldwide acceptance known as BPMN.

InteroperabilityThe Modeler enables you to create quality process documents in word or pdf and export or import the process information from Visio or XML.

BizAgi Standard Edition has been designed for mid-sized to large businesses. It provides all the features needed in a large BPM project to help you run your business more efficiently, improve employee productivity, and reduce costs. It delivers an enterprise-class platform for mission critical business processes in organizations that go from hundreds to a few thousand users.

BizAgi Process Modeler Features:
1. BPMN Process Modeler
2. 100% Model Driven Architecture
3. Drag & Drop Forms Designer
4. Business Rule Engine
5. SOA Integration
6. Execution Engine
7. Web Work Portal
8. Process Indicators

BizAgi uses Ribbon style interface. Modeling functionalities are available in the main tab, while import/export (also documentation) can be found in "Export & Import" tab. Graphical editor uses drag and drop approach. Thanks to the "pie menu" it is possible to model the process flow almost without using object palette - after selecting an object radial menu with objects (task, gateway, events) appears, allowing user to insert new object that will be connected with a previous one.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this flowchart & diagram software.

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