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  • Date: Jun 26, 2017
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Free Download BioniX Wallpaper 9.94

BioniX Wallpaper is a desktop wallpaper changer/wallpaper manager for Windows. It is FREE and jam-packed with features that no other concurrent wallpaper manager can offer.

BioniX Wallpaper supports JPG, GIF, BMP, ICO, EMF image files. Soon it will support more image types. This program lets you set the time interval at wich your deskop wallpaper will be changed. You can chose it between one secon and a few years - time elapse gauge. Also, the wallpaper manager has "don't disturb user" mode (through "automatic shut down" option): images will be changed automatically when Windows starts, then the program will close without user intervention. Like Winamp, Bionix Wallpaper gives you the posibility to gather images from all over the hardisk in one playlist, without changing their physical location.
The images can be stored in different directories, on different harddisks, even on different computers. Also, you can make multiple tematic playlists and switch between them whenever you want to. It is easy to interact with the playlists through "Playlist Editor" or "MiniList". This wallpaper cyler supports more then 50.000 image files in one playlist. BioniX gives to the saved playlists the extention WAL and associate itself to 'WAL files. This means that the wallpaper cycler will start automaticaly if you doubleclick a WAL file. BioniX Wallpaper has, in adition to the well known tile / stretch / center functions, 2 new smart functions: * smart stretch (if some of your pictures are bigger than your desktop size, BioniX will make them fit without cutting) and * smart tile (if some of your pictures are tiny, BioniX will tile them).

This program has an incredible fast algorithm for displaying images / refreshing the desktop. The images from the playlist are displayed by the wallpaper changer randomly / shuffle or continuously. While running, the wallpaper manager skips invalid image files (that don't exist any more in your computer). Also, like Winamp, BioniX Wallpaper cycler has playlist navigation, which permits you to go back and next through the images. On Windows 98, it switches automatically between Active Desktop and normal des

1. Supported Files
BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Manager supports the following image formats: JPG (JPEG, JFIF, JPE), PNG, GIF (static and animated), BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF. Just drag and drop any image over BioniX's interface and it will be automatically included in the playlist.
2. Winamp-like interface
The graphic interface was designed to mimic Winamp's interface. This way, any person who is familiar with Winamp will instantly know how to use BioniX Desktop Wallpaper.
3. Automatic background color detection
BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Manager will try to automatically determine the color used to fill the background when your wallpaper doesn't have the exact size as your desktop. Below is an example of how your desktop will look like with and without this feature.
4. Keep your system garbage-free
We all hate program that install tons of crapware in our computer, making your computer slow after few months. BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Manager installs absolutely no garbage files (DLL's, .Net, Java, ActiveX, etc) into your system because it doesn't need this kind of files. Actually, one of our top priorities is to keep BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Manager system independent. This way we don't need to install files into your Windows' core, keeping everybody away from troubles.
5. System requirements
BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Manager uses only 1.5MB of RAM. Minimum system requirements are CPU 486 (Intel or AMD), 23MB RAM, Windows 95. You also need 2.5MB of free disk space. BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer was also tested on Windows 64 bits and Windows 7 by our beta testers and found that it is working.
6. Really small setup file
The size of BioniX Desktop Wallpaper setup file it only 2MB and contains few high quality wallpapers and skins. Therefore it will not eat your computer's space and download will be ready in seconds.
7. High quality resamplers
The "resampler" may not ring a bell for some users, but believe us, when you are working with images, this is the first thing you should look after! A resampler is a special algorithm used to resize and image/wallpaper. Resizing an image without using a high quality resampler will ruin the resulted image. Although all wallpaper changers on the market resize the wallpapers all the time to fit your desktop, absolutely none of them use a decent resampler. Even more! BioniX Desktop Wallpaper offers you resampler (like B-Spline) that not even Photoshop or other professional image processing tools offer.
8. Ingenious time time editor
In BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Manager, you can set the interval at which your desktop wallpaper will be changed. You can chose any interval between one second and 60 hours.

Why is BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer so special?
1. Lock on folder - Unique feature that allows BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer to monitor a folder and automatically update its playlist when pictures are added/deleted. No other wallpaper manager has this capability yet!
2. Freeware
3. Advanced Playlist Editor - BioniX Desktop Wallpaper offers the most advanced playlist editor ever seen
4. Easy to use - User friendly interface: Winamp-like layout, skinable, full context-sensitive help, comprehensive help file.
5. Skinable interface - over 125 skins available
6. Low system requirements - You grandpa's Pentium I/Win95 can still run BioniX Desktop Wallpaper
7. Keep your system garbage free - "Don't change user's system" policy
8. Damn small size - Download it in few seconds or take it on a floppy with you
9. State of art resamplers that automatically resizes your wallpapers without losing quality
10. Ingenious time editor - Set the time interval from one second to 60 day with only 2 mouse clicks
11. Multiple thematic playlists - Create multiple thematic playlists (categories) and switch between them whenever you want to.
12. Extreme playlists - Up to 500000 images can be loaded in each playlist!
13. Build a playlist with one single click - Drag and drop files/folders to your playlist
14. Playlist association - double click a playlist located anywhere in your computer
15. Dual monitor support
16. System tray icon - Minimize to tray, system tray pop-up menu, quick shortcuts...
17. Desktop tools - Hide desktop icons, minimize all open windows, remote control, show time on desktop, hide taskbar, boss button and many other tools
18. Customizable Global Hotkeys - Change the wallpaper using a key combination even if BioniX Desktop Wallpaper is not visible on screen.
19. One wallpaper - Change wallpaper and close itself to preserve memory
20. Filter non-wallpaper images - The drag&drop operation will not add small files to the playlist
21. Capable to run from a read-only media like CD - Ideal for presentation CD's System wide shortcut
22. Unique wallpaper positioning system - Auto detect the best way to fit the wallpaper size to desktop size without losing quality
23. Shuffle wallpapers - Play images one by one, or in random more
24. Preview panel - This allows you to quickly preview wallpapers and wipe them from your computer (if you don't like them) with a single push of a button.
25. Previous wallpaper - Return to the previous wallpaper with just one click.
26. "Don't disturb me" mode
27. Smart enlarge
28. Auto change the wallpaper when windows starts: instantly, after delay, change once and closer itself.
29. Quick access: remote control, system tray icon, contextual menu and keyboard shortcuts.
30. Wallpaper enhancement functions - You can apply extra brightness, saturation or contrast to all wallpapers without changing your original file!
31. "Active Desktop" auto-detection
32. Auto determine background color based on current wallpaper
33. Embedded screensaver
34. Compatible with all Windows systems - From Win95 to Vista and Windows 7, all operating systems are supported.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this wallpaper tool software.

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