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Binary2CSV Download
Free Download Binary2CSV 1.1

Convert binary files to CSV documents on the spot. Binary2CSV converts a MVS Binary file to a CSV file based on its associated copybook. A binary file is a raw file in its original format. In IBM mainframe environment, files are often transferred to PC and then imported to PC softwares such as Microsoft excel or notepad for reports.

Unzip the download file, jkje_Binary2Csv_with_jre_v1_1, to your pc. This deployment came with java runtime jre1.6 which is required to run this application, they are in folder jre1.6. The sceenshot below shows all the jkje applications folders, you may only have one of them.

runBinary2CsvTrial.bat The run command file, runBinary2Csv.bat, contains the following line:
"..\jre1.6\bin\javaw" -Xms256m -Xmx1024m -classpath "binary2csv.jar;..\jkje.jar" binary2csv.ui.JBinary2Csv log

You may want to change it if you want to use a different version of java run time. This application came with jave run time version 1.6. You can update the java run time from time to time from Sun Microsystems for free. To use a different version, change "..\jre1.6\bin\javaw" to the new location of java run time on your pc.

If you encounter stack overflow error, you need to increase the stack size(or heap size) by changing the number next to "-Xmx". It is set to 1024m. Please note that the option "-Xms" is the initial heap size and is set to 256m.

* Converts up to maximum 100 records

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $5.31, you can free download and get a free trial.

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